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  1. I also should add it was the ignition 7.5A fuse I was removing to replicate the problem! Thanks
  2. So I have been busy and have only just been able to have a fiddle with the 80. After this issue happened the first time I drove for a good 2 weeks without happening again, and then last Friday it pinned me. Cut off again and had to bring it home on a truck. I replaced the EFI relay as suggested and still the engine will run for a while and shut off. No telling how long or short it will run for. i did make an interesting discovery though. If I remove the 7.5a blade fuse in the fuse box under the dash, I get the same symptoms. Car will crank but no warning lights when turning the key to "ON" position. Replace the fuse and they return. When the engine cuts out this is the problem I have. No warning lights displayed and the engine will crank but will not fire. I removed the fuse box and checked the connections behind it. They all seem sturdy and none or damaged. I'm led to believe it is an issue with my ignition system. Any ideas as to what would cause this? I am thinking perhaps ignition switch? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for that. I will replace the relay as a starting point. Hopefully it is something as simple as that.
  4. Thanks for the response. Any idea where I should start? I did check a number of fuses and the EFI relay under bonnet. The EFI relay seems to get really warm. Does this sound normal? By warm I mean almost untouchable.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm back with another query... This one has me stumped. I've been searching all weekend online for someone who has had the same/similar issue as me but have been unsuccessful so far, hence why I'm posting here. On Thursday I was driving home from work, had the a/c running. All was good until the engine died. I turned the key off and back on and I had no warning lights (Fuel Tank light, oil light, engine light etc) and the car would turn over fine but wouldn't start. I ended up leaving the car on the side of the road. I went back later that afternoon, put the key in the ignition, and I had all warning lights back and the car turned over 2-3 times and fired into life. I moved it off the side of the road and let it run for 10 - 15 minutes, when it suddenly cut off again. I had no warning lights and the car would crank again but wouldn't start. I smacked the side of the dash and the lights all came back. Started the engine fine. I smacked the dash again and the engine died, and the lights were gone again. Saturday, after having the car towed home, I pulled the dash apart on the drivers side trying to find the problem thinking it might be a loose connection somewhere. I checked all wires etc and the connectors to the ignition barrel and all looked good. I pulled the kick panel out and made sure all the plugs to the little electrical boxes were firmly pushed in and also made sure all the relays in the kick panel were pushed in. I started it and ran it a few times yesterday and some times it would run for over an hour fine, other times it would die after 15-20 mins with the same symptoms, no warning lights in the dash and turning over but not firing. I have power to everything else in the cab when this happens, stereo, gauges come up, windows will operate, lights and indicators etc etc. After 10-20 minutes or so, the warning lights will come back up and the engine will fire again. I tried leaving the ignition in "ON" position after it cut out, without the lights, and after a certain amount of time the lights just re-appear and it is fine to start and run again. Seems to run longer if the A/C is switched off, but it will still cut off. So I don't think it is related. Friends have suggested a thermal cut off maybe? But the water temp never breaches 82 degrees so I am struggling to believe this could be the issue. Obviously the issue is not with the engine because when these warning lights come back up and it starts, it will fire into life no issue and runs perfectly fine. No loss of power or anything like that. So I'm hoping maybe somebody has come across the same sort of issue as what I am having. I'm thinking it has to be something relatively simple. Would appreciate any input. If I fail on here, then I will have to send it off to the mechanic. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the response. No I live in a suburban area. The car has been through mud and crap previously however. Going to flush and change today and see how i go. Thanks!
  7. Firstly hello all, I am new here. I've been searching for an answer to my 'issue' for a few weeks now but can't quite find a post with indentical symptoms or info. So decided to join this forum seeking some advice. I am pretty switched on with mechanics so I fear I already know what the answer to my question will be. But here goes. I have an 80 series land cruiser with the 1fz-fe engine. It runs and drives like a dream and has been fantastic. Never has it overheated or given any grief. Services always been a breeze. Recently however I have noticed a development of sludge/grime on the radiator cap every time i remove it. I have checked the over flow and it is clean. No apparent loss of coolant or engine oil and the 'sludge' has a chemical-like smell to it. I have not added anything to the cooling system other than coolant. So i guess my question is, is there need for concern? It runs just shy of 80 degrees (aftermarket water temp gauge) and only breaches 80 under load or sometimes when off road. Never enough to be concerned. No sign of milky residue in the sump. No issues with performance and not running any differently. And still has fantastic oil pressure. It has done a lot of kms (445,000). So i am wondering what others would recommend trying before jumping to any irrational conclusions. I am going to change the coolant and flush the system as well as change the engine oil and filter to see if results return in the radiator. Should i be concerned? Where should i look first off? This is my first land cruiser, prior its always been patrols. All topics ive read prior to this only speak of sludge in the overflow container. Which is why i wonder if my problem could be different. Appreciate any info or assistance. Hoping to sort it over the xmas break! 1fz-fe manual transmission. Cheers!