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  1. Hi Guys! Two month ago I bought Toyota Crown Deluxe from 1963, RS41L model. A few days later I started restoration, because this car definitely needed it! But from the beginning, how it happened that I bought Crown? I was looking for special, classic car for me a very long time, and suddenly saw the Crown on Ukraine page for .. $7122.. $ 7122 for that car? No way! But two month later, the same car, the same photo, but for 2400 zł (about $900). O yeah! Three hours after the announcement publication I was the owner of Toyota Crown Deluxe :) Car looks really bad… Every single parts required immediate repair. The engine does not start for 33 years, the wheel is not spin… My friend told me: “Dude, what did you bought” But it is no mater, I have got my dream car!! At the beginning I try to find some technical information about this car. Toyota Motor Poland told me, that they haven’t got any technical information about car older than 1980s. But that answer was not satisfied for me. I found on ebay repair manual, but this book wasn’t complete, only part of this book, but with parts number, so I bought it. A few days later, I got e-mail from my friend who works in Toyota Motor Poland: “Adam, Toyota Japan answered, they created for you some CDs with technical information about your crown, do you want it? YES YES YES!!! A few weeks later I got CDs, immediately put one of them to my computer and … I saw a lot of books, materials, owner manuals, and all …. In Japanese… -.- The next day I signed up for the course of the Japanese language, and this ended the search for materials. However, on the beginning it troubled me one question – how did it happened that this car took in Poland?! My car has the steering wheel on the left side, manual transmission with Overdrive and logo “TOYOTA” not “TOYOPET”. Also I found in my car Owner manual in Danish language. This allows me to say, that my car is one of the 190 first exported to Denmark Crowns in 1963. Nice, but I still waiting for confirmation from Toyota Denmark. Only after this I will be sure of the origin of my car. I started restoration and take pictures of each stage of reconstruction, so I have a lot of pictures that I want to show you, but I can't add any photo here! Anyway, if you want to be up to date and saw my pictures please follow my Crown's facebook page. If I will be able to add pictures here, I post here the complete reconstruction, but at this moment you can see the pictures only on facebook page. By the way, if you have some question about my car, if you need same technical information about Crowns (from '55 to '91) please comment/contact me. P.S. Be forgiving of my mistakes, I learn English language and it is hard for me to write in a foreign language :)
  2. Hi Colleagues. My name is Adam, I am 23 and I am from ... Polnad. Why I decide to sign in on this forum? The reason is very simply. A few weeks ago I bought a special car - Toyota Crown Deluxe 1963, RS41L model. At this moment car looks very bad, but I really want to restore this car. I try to find some information about my car and about this model. I asked people from Toyota Motor Poland, but they told me, they haven't got any information about car older than 1980... So, I'm not going to give up and I am looking for information wherever I can. Maybe there is some other '63 Crown's owner? :) Maybe someone will be able to told me something about my car? Maybe I will be able to help somebody (I am electrical engineer) who knows :) Anyway, below you have some pictures of my Crown (and me! :)) P.S. And really sorry for my mistakes, I already learn english language. Insert other media