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  1. CM641

    Interior Trim

    Hey there Bob, Have you tried Pick 'n' Payless at Blacktown? There are a few XV10s there at the moment that may have the bits and pieces you require. Have a gander at their site if you like: Charlie.
  2. Hey there everyone. I have a mint condition XV10 Camry and I’m trying to track down a Phil McCaroll Toyota sticker from that era to complete the rest of the car’s factory look. Just wondering if anyone had a scanned copy or could point me in the right direction. Thanks! :-)
  3. Our Hilux burst the top tank of the Hilux due to the mechanic pressure testing it and then fitting the wrong pressure cap. Toyota had only one OEM radiator left in stock in Australia and it cost us near to $1000. Perhaps the leaking issue was from a pressure test or mishandling/rough treatment on the mechanic's part, or maybe a combination of both and then again it could be an age thing too. I am never quite 100% confident with the work carried out on my 20 year old Camry unless it is done by myself or the dealership. It is expensive but at least I know the job was done correctly. Best of luck with the engine mount, it is a bit difficult owning an uncommon car (manual V6 Camry.) Cheers, Charlie
  4. Yeah, I have some distilled water somewhere. No chlorinated tap water in my cooling system! ;-)
  5. Thanks for your input. I have a near new jug of Red OEM coolant, so I'll get onto it right away. Should kill some time and keep me busy. I asked my dad about it and he just said that "it never needs changing" and he'd "run it on tap water because it's not a Ferrari". I bet his opinion would be different if it were his car An interesting response from him for sure...
  6. Hi There everyone, I have an XV10 Camry Intrigue 2.2, with 68,000KMs on the clock. It's practically brand new. Like a time capsule. It has had the Distributor O Ring, the CV Boots and the steering rack boots replaced recently. I wanted to ask for some advice: What oil should I use to prevent sludging? (Castrol Magnatec?) Should I flush the cooling system and refill with pink super long life Toyota coolant, since it is almost 20 years old? This car is still like brand new, and has only ever had OEM parts installed by a reputable mechanic or myself. Also, apart from sludging and cooling system corrosion problems with the 5S-FE, are there quirks and other characteristics of this car that I should know about to prevent damage? I do not plan on ever selling this car, so I am happy to pay whatever it costs to make it last as long as possible. There is no budget restriction with this car, as it has cost nothing in the almost 20 years that we have had it in our family. In case anyone wanted some advice on tyres, I highly recommend Toyo Proxes C100+ Tyres. Much better than the Goodyear Eagle GAs that were on there. Very quiet tyres. Thanks for your time, Regards, Charlie
  7. Hey there everyone, I'm Charlie. I've finally signed up to TOCAU! I've been reading these forums for quite a while now, they've helped me greatly with advice for my Hilux and Camry. These are the Toyotas in my family: - 1998 RZN169R Hilux 2.7 4WD Dual Cab -1997 Camry Intrigue 2.2 (XV10) Anyway, just thought that I would introduce myself, and, err, that's all! :-)