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  1. Gentlemen, I recently got second hand Toyota tow bar for aurion, everything is there, except for the connector that plugs into the car((someone chopped the wires off. in the boot I found a plug which I assume is for trailer harness. the connector on the car has 10+ wires and most of them are brown and they don't not correspond to the ones on the harness. does anyone know which wire goes where? thanks
  2. hi guys, just wondering if this is going be a direct plug and play fit for aurion 07 prodigy? thanks
  3. I came across this kink before but got really confused with the last post "I have resolved the problem with the sensor, thanks to your help.When i unplugged the connector the light disappeared thus verifying the sensor as the problem.So i proceeded to switch around the sensors and everything is fine now.Before i accept, would you know which is the primary port in the master cylinder. Is it the one closer to the booster?". what do they mean by primary and secondary ports? Are there two sensors? Did anyone take their master cylinder apart? It's hard to see the back of it as it is partially under the windshield.
  4. SO to clarify, if i disconnect the sensor plug from the master cylinder. everything works how it should. if i apply handbrake - light comes on, depress - goes off. but if the sensor is connected - light stays on all the time. thanks I have tried many options but nothing actually works. the light does not cause any troubles: abs works, traction control works etc so looks like i have to leave as is
  5. Hi guys, I recently done service which included flushing brake fluid and replacing brake pads. After the service I had the hand brake light on constantly. I went back to mechanic and he said it's because the sensor got blocked after flushing and requires replacing. He quoted me 600 to do that. I declined. I temporary disconnected the sonsor plug to get rid of annoying light. Before replacing master cylinder I want to explore other options. What else could be the reason? P.S. the level of fluid in master cylinder is way over the max line, could this be the problem? Thanks
  6. 1500 + toyota dealership. i understand that panel beaters possibly can do it for maybe ~1k. but i was able to find a shop on eBay that can supply bumper and hood painted to my colour for $900. So i just have to swap it.
  7. Hi guys, i am planning to replace my prodigy front bumper to get rid of annoying scratches and road rash as it will end up being cheaper than respray. Anyway, online I can only find atx bumper with no parking sensor holes. Is it just going to be a matter of marking and drilling holes for the sensors or prodigy bumper has specific sensor mounts on the inside? Thanks
  8. where is the amplifier on aurion? thanks
  9. Hi there, I have 2007 aurion prodigy . I am on the market for android headunit. I have found a few but some of them are not compatible with JBL external amplifier? does 2007 prodigy comes with external amplifier? is it JBL? thanks