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  1. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    With the amount of horsepower you are proposing you will need forged pistons and rods. 280kw ATW is not a small amount of power. I still recommend rebuilding your existing motor. (Better to deal with the devil you know). The reason why I recommend rebuilding your existing motor is that you are essentially working on a motor you know everything about once its torn down and rebuilt. Forged piston rods will allow you to exceed 280kw atw without worrying too much of component failure. If you purchase another second hand TRD motor - which will be cheaper, it is not a long term solution. You will not know if the 100,000km was hard or the servicing was done correctly.
  2. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Rebuild your current engine with the forged pistons, leave everything else.
  3. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Here's the link to the video.
  4. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    That looks so cool. So is that an air to air intercooler? It would be interesting to see how much it costs?
  5. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Hi maybe you could ask Harrop for some advice directly. Try Matt, he has answered a few of my questions in the past. Matthew Howarth | Performance Centre Advisor Harrop Performance Products 96 Bell Street, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, 3072, Australia t: +61 3 9474 0900 | f: +61 3 9474 0999 e:| w:
  6. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Its very impressive, you are definitely doing well. I think you could document more of this on a youtube channel, if possible.
  7. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Awesome, thanks for the pulley offer, but like you I will probably go for the TVS1900 instead. I have been told that the larger TVS1900 supercharger will push more air at a similar temperature to the 1320. I was recommended not to go to a smaller pulley as it will spin faster and compress more air, but the air will be hotter going into the engine. Sorry I assumed there should be more workshops that can tune Toyotas in Sydney. I have found one in New Zealand. I have had the company below reflash a trd map onto a stock Aurion ECU before. I wanted a backup ECU but it didnt work as the TRD ECU is actually different to an Aurion ECU. Advanced Tuning were pretty confident they could reflash my ECU and quoted me $1500NZD, and it would be across 3days. I think alot of workshops just can't be bothered to work on the TRD Aurions ECU.
  8. TRDnz13

    Aurion performance mod.

    Has it raised any Check engine lights? Also is this the Speedlabs website your purchased the headers from?
  9. TRDnz13

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Hi All, This is all good and very interesting. I saved the dyno video (right click save link as) and watched it and 210kw is pretty good for the modifications you have done. My TRD Aurion stock standard was 190kw at the wheels, again different dynos and day. You mentioned that you changed the pulley to a 2.55inch roughly 64.8mm - I think the stock one is approximately 70-75mm? Did you purchase the Monkey Wrench Racing Pulley? and which workshop in NSW pressed your new pulley on? The TVS1900 is the correct supercharger to be bolt on. I have been told that the larger supercharger will compress more air. It is also a better solution than reducing your pulley diameter even further. Most workshops can now tune the TRD Aurion ECU's, are you going to run a flex fuel sensor? so you can run E85 and 98ron as well? If you are going to run E85 only then I would recommend upgrading your fuel lines as well. One question with your Varex Muffler did you have it completely open when on the dyno? I'am looking forward to seeing your results.
  10. Hi I would like to purchase a Toyota TRD Aurion ECU. Thanks.
  11. TRDnz13

    Want to supercharge my zr6 with trd parts

    Honestly its quite an old vehicle now so most people move on and lose interest. If you are expecting some yoda figure to mentor you through this I don't think there is anyone around. But you are first I have heard to try this so good luck to you. Just to add if it was my project I most likely would of just brought a TRD aurion there are still quite a few for sale and they are reasonably priced. Additionally I would probably still take out your existing engine and just fit the complete TRD unit into your car regardless of KM. I would not disassemble a good TRD Engine of its components to then retrofit everything back onto another vehicle that wasn't designed for it. I think its going to be a pain in the *****. If you are really unsure of your TRD engine condition well its the best opportunity now to strip it down and rebuild it. A rebuilt engine should run perfect and be reliable.
  12. TRDnz13

    My Sportivo Dials

    Looks great.
  13. TRDnz13

    Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Try here Aleksey
  14. TRDnz13

    Buying TRD Aurion

    My TRD Aurion is at 138,000km right now and increasing at 60km daily. I live in a rural area so my TRD Aurion is driven enthusiastically and it has not missed a beat. The only component that did get changed very early on was the automatic belt tensioner, and that was done under a mechanical warranty. In NZ the automatic belt tensioner was roughly $300.00. My TRD Aurion doesn't seem to use any oil or hasn't needed a top up between the 12,000km service intervals. I would also recommend making sure your wheel alignment is correct, as the front tyres are working very hard. The 245/35/r19 tyres are also an odd size so it could be expensive. Currently I run Goodyear F1 Asymetricals and they are now down to 3mm tread depth from approximately 20,000km worth of driving. Please note I am not sure how long the previous owner had the tyres on before I purchased the car. If you are looking for power modifications I would not bother as it is expensive and the gains are generally not there. I do recommend you upgrade the front and rear sway bars as I found this assisted with the torque steer, in my opinion. I also had a strut brace installed. The automatic transmission sometimes does not kick down as quickly as you like, it almost seems like turbo lag, in certain situations. Fuel economy for my TRD Aurion is between 10litres - 11.5litres per 100km and it must be filled with 98octane. I really like my TRD Aurion, it is definitely a compromised (slightly flawed) vehicle but it is a lot of fun because of this. I also have an older turbocharged Subaru, but as a daily vehicle it is awful.