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  1. I have the Tarago of the same generation. I can only suggest popping up the plastic seatbelt guide where the seat belt comes out of the seat shoulder, and seeing how much access to the seat interior you have. I remember having an issue with that seat belt where it got stuck because of the seatbelt guide.
  2. Try these Tarago Service Docs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PX8dCDW8PN2nO8FmEh4eeqogMJ5VdBaV?usp=sharing
  3. I had mine serviced at Chang Auto in Springvale. 0410463580
  4. Just bought a Hiace Commuter 2015. It has the Factory Toyota stereo system (Model 22840). When playing a USB stick in the system, it doesn't resume the song from when the car is turned off, but instead it goes back to the first song on the USB (after reading for about 30sec). This doesn't seem like normal behaviour, but would like to know if anyone else has this issue or is it just me? I could understand if this was from an early model like 10 years ago when USB players were just coming out, but this model is from 2015 so surely USB playing is the norm and doesn't need to frustratingly
  5. Sharing with others how I fixed Trouble Code C1554 which is a Power Steering fault. I was able to rectify the problem by clearing the fault code using my laptop and Mini-VCI J2534 OBDII connector (bought from ebay) to my 2007 Toyota Tarago/Previa/Estima (ACR50). You'll also need to install Toyota's Techstream software as per Mini-VCI instructions. The fault code was reporting overheating of the power steering unit. I guess it was a hot day and my brother in law was over enthusiastic with turning the steering wheel whilst in the parking lot when the P/S light came on and the power steer
  6. Yes they can. A dealer for 2nd hand Japanese imports quoted me $300 or $500 to purchase and install the cruise control kit for a 2001/2002 Estima. I don't know how it looks though.
  7. Just updating that my Air Con has been fixed and the fuel consumption is a much more satisfying 10L/100km when driving with Air con. I can get around 540Km from a full tank and a full loaded car before the fuel light comes up. The previous owner had overfilled refrigerant into the Air Con system which made the system too hot, resulting in the radiator fans constantly running on high on hot days. So my mechanic had all the refrigerant taken out and then refilled with the proper amount. Now when the Air Con is on, the radiator fans run briefly on a loud high speed before settling down to
  8. Both. Even on long drives, I can still hear the fans going when coming to a stop. Switch the A/C off and the fans switch off. Coolant Temperature is around 90C degrees so I doubt that is the reason for the fans going continuously.
  9. I just bought a 2007 Tarago and noticed that on 25 degrees plus days, the Air Con compressor and fans seem to run non-stop rather than cycling on and off every 30secs or so. Is this normal? All the other cars I've owned the compressor and fans would cycle on and off, even when the temperature was in the 30s and 40s. I think it's affecting fuel economy because I'm getting 13L/100Km whereas car reviews say it should get 10-11L/100Km. Edit: I use Air/Con for the front and rear simultaneously.

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