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  1. Adzy

    Clutch upgrade

    Hey everyone, Was on the sand other way giving my 2014 SR5 lux a work out. When all of a sudden the revs went up and speed dropped. Then smelt the clutch along with some smoke. Now when i push my foot down is just makes an screeching noice and doesn't do anything. What am i looking at here,replacing i mean. Should i buy a whole kit. I do loads and loads of offroad driving, sand,mud and rocks. What brand or type or heavy duty clutch should i get. Dont want to spend millions but dont want cheap. I want a high quality strong as an oxe type thing. Thank
  2. Exactly what i had to do last time with the contact cleaner. Didnt know i could use abit of grease. Fantastic idea thanks. Bugger about the waterproofing thanks for the advice cheers mate.
  3. Yeah salt lakes in Kalgoorlie W.A :( I thouraly wash it everyone on ramps but can never get whats gone in while operational. Thank you very much for your info, ill rip the bugger out tomorrow morning and free it up again. Do you know ir there is any wayer proofing methods that'll help?
  4. I know startermotors have been covered millions times. But after going 4WD few months back through loads of water even had whole bonnet under. The rest of the day was fine but tried to start next day and starter would not engage. Pulled it out, manually worked it free the part that pops in and out as it was very stiff. not tech savy sorry. Re-installed and hadn't had a dramer for another 3 months. Yesterday did same loads of water all over car wheel depth, also bogged to chassie for few hour's in mud. Today it wont engage again. Could it be wiring issue and pulling it out las

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