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  1. Hey, sorry if this is on the wrong section.. I'm after recommendations to replace my factor head unit, its the stock sat nav/reverse cam with radio, bluetooth, CD and USB. Has voice commands and sat nav built in as well as all the normal "phone" functions. I don't like it.. I don't like the fact that it doest have Apple Car play (I have apple) nor android auto. The navigation is slow and clunky, and the voice commands and sooo so limited.. There is no voice control over navigation (other than to tell it to "go home"). So I'm after a 3rd party head unit that will both fit and replace the Toyota 2017 stock one.. I'd love it to have apple car play/android auto. It needs to still have the reverse camera and or navigation built in with voice control and not necessary but one that has internet/digital radio? Whats my options? and who do I take it to to get it installed.. I'm no good for an install, no point telling me to buy off eBay to have it sent home and expect that I'm going to know how to wire it up and install.. Whats my best options?
  2. My 2017 ZR corrola will sometimes start alarming really loudly, an alert/alarm type of sound and the multi info display turns red with the word BRAKE! flashing. I'm assuming this is something to do with pre collision.. But both times I have been frightened to death by this sudden and random alert/alarm that just happens, when there is nothing in front of me. Is this an issue, should I call or let my Toyota dealership know it's happening? or is it something else?
  3. Toyotalink

    Returning 2017 corolla user here.. So I've installed both the update on my head unit from a month back which back then removed Pandora from the system. I then got prompted to install the latest update last week (have no idea what this update does or contains or fix's/adds/removes), I can't really see any difference since installing this random update to the head unit. :( certainly didn't add in any new music streaming services like I wanted/was hoping for, and I can't tell yet if the maps got any update to the latest maps yet or not? Further more, they have FINALLY updated the link phone app for iPhone. except ITS RUBISH!! It's buggy, keeps stuffing me around with logging in and out of the app.. It crashes, it's hasn't really improved much on UI looks and still doesn't look or feel like a 2017 app nor add's anymore functionality to the head unit. :O