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  1. The number of times the horn beeps 🙂
  2. I was wondering if it was possible to use the Forward Recognition Camera as a Dash Cam. No one has commercially built the mod at this point in time but it would be the perfect companion for my aftermarket Android head unit which has the capacity to run a dashcam in the background. For smart electro tech heads, I can give a link to the CHR wiring Diagrams if someone wants to build a plug and play connector cable. I have no interest in cutting cables and would expect the solution to use a piggyback connector or Y connectors.
  3. can you post the link to the supplier, please?
  4. I use 98... I never use anything less.
  5. Where did you tap into the power?
  6. I have always been concerned about buildup over time and the potential for yellowing or some other form of hazing making it difficult to see through.
  7. This week I am having the dealer fit the Genuine Koba Tow Bar Wiring Harness, but no tow bar. I am going from this -V- To this -V- So that I can power up THESE!!!!! -V- These are running lights and brake lights and I am not sure if it is legal to have them come on with the other running lights in WA, but they are Brake lights as well. Now if there was a blinker/brake/running light replacement I would be tempted to buy and install those since I will have blinker wiring on tap going to waste.
  8. That is the difference between the original design team and the follow-up hazard removal team. I expect that the original design team considered the design from a human factors perspective and ease of removal for racing as opposed to the engineering risk of someone placing items in the hole rendering the brake switch ineffective. We live in a world where the lowest common denominator has to be factored in at all levels.
  9. Correct Chitty no cover on the early run vehicles. Feb 17, #413. Picture shows original setup from the Toyota website.
  10. I have never seen this error. Do you live in a high salt environment?
  11. My car didn't have the cover until it went in for the recall for the computer system.
  12. My car is booked in for Friday. The dealer stated 2 updates, both software.
  13. Went to my online Dashboard: Recalls1 See below for your vehicle’s past and outstanding recalls. Please contact your dealer if you have any questions. DATE PUBLISHED DESCRIPTION STATUS November 2017 C-HR SKID CONTROL ECU REPROGRAM Outstanding DETAILS Outstanding Recall Details: Notification date: 20/11/2017 Recall code: GGG8x Recall description: C-HR SKID CONTROL ECU REPROGRAM What your Dealer will review: NGX50 CVT CHECK CAL FILE ID NGX50 CVT PROGRAM SKID CONTROL ECU NGX50 CVT REPLACE + REFLASH ECU
  14. Could be the GPS antenna has dislodged. I think Chitty mentioned that when he pulled his head unit out the GPS antenna was hanging loose.