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  1. Customisation and Accessories

    This week I am having the dealer fit the Genuine Koba Tow Bar Wiring Harness, but no tow bar. I am going from this -V- To this -V- So that I can power up THESE!!!!! -V- These are running lights and brake lights and I am not sure if it is legal to have them come on with the other running lights in WA, but they are Brake lights as well. Now if there was a blinker/brake/running light replacement I would be tempted to buy and install those since I will have blinker wiring on tap going to waste.
  2. CH-R recall

  3. CH-R recall

    That is the difference between the original design team and the follow-up hazard removal team. I expect that the original design team considered the design from a human factors perspective and ease of removal for racing as opposed to the engineering risk of someone placing items in the hole rendering the brake switch ineffective. We live in a world where the lowest common denominator has to be factored in at all levels.
  4. CH-R recall

    Correct Chitty no cover on the early run vehicles. Feb 17, #413. Picture shows original setup from the Toyota website.
  5. "EPB Malfunction" message

    I have never seen this error. Do you live in a high salt environment?
  6. CH-R recall

    My car didn't have the cover until it went in for the recall for the computer system.
  7. CH-R recall

    My car is booked in for Friday. The dealer stated 2 updates, both software.
  8. CH-R recall

    Went to my online Dashboard: Recalls1 See below for your vehicle’s past and outstanding recalls. Please contact your dealer if you have any questions. DATE PUBLISHED DESCRIPTION STATUS November 2017 C-HR SKID CONTROL ECU REPROGRAM Outstanding DETAILS Outstanding Recall Details: Notification date: 20/11/2017 Recall code: GGG8x Recall description: C-HR SKID CONTROL ECU REPROGRAM What your Dealer will review: NGX50 CVT CHECK CAL FILE ID NGX50 CVT PROGRAM SKID CONTROL ECU NGX50 CVT REPLACE + REFLASH ECU
  9. Rattle sound from under dashboard

    Could be the GPS antenna has dislodged. I think Chitty mentioned that when he pulled his head unit out the GPS antenna was hanging loose.
  10. CH-R recall

    Only one recall so far... No bad for a new model on a new chassis. Waiting for my letter.
  11. 600hp C-HR

    Finally, the guts to go with the looks... Now I need a parts list and a very big bank overdraft...
  12. 600hp C-HR

    There goes the fuel economy. The leaf will be glowing red...
  13. C-HR Head Unit

    I updated the Startup Logo on my unit to a modified C-HR Club Logo of 1024 x 600 pixels.
  14. C-HR Head Unit

    I repurposed the speak button as a mute button. Other than that all buttons retained their original functionality. If I can find a way to use the speak button for "OK Google" I would be extatic. Total install time was less than an hour.
  15. C-HR Head Unit

    The install