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  1. Mr H

    RAV4 5th Generation

    Hi Jared, sounds like your rattle is in a different spot, hers was on passenger side, just off centre. All fixed now, dealer had car for nearly 3 weeks while parts arrived from Sydney, they removed the dash in its entirety, and found 3 broken felt clips, ordered a full set of clips, but only 3 arrived so had to re-order, hence the wait, they went over the top and added more foam to each clip, problem solved. She was given a current model Petrol Camry, which she was not impressed with, she said it had poor acceleration, and could not get the seat adjusted to make it comfortable for her, giving her a sore back and shoulders, dealer swapped it with current RAV4 Edge(petrol); which was similar to the Camry in performance, she is so glad to have hybrid back...rattle free!
  2. Mr H

    C-HR Hybrid

    Update, today a few pics of the face lifted C-HR Hybrid were shown on, welcome update is the bigger 8” multi media screen very similar to that in the Corolla at the moment, new LED headlights, tail lights, also looks like fog lights have been brought up higher out of the lower grill. New design Wheels as well. The article also states only the FWD Koba will offer the Hybrid drivetrain, the 1.2l turbo will be for the lower spec models any thoughts guys Cheers Eric
  3. Mr H

    C-HR Hybrid

    Hi all, are there any members considering getting the Hybrid C-HR when it comes to Australia at the end of the year, I am waiting to see if we get the bigger 8” Screen, as well as Digital radio this time around, I know it will be getting Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard, maybe even a more up to date Navigation system as far as graphics go. I am also hoping there will be A/c vents to the rear seat area I am interested to see what the “Facelift” involves as well as if a Sunroof will be available Anyone have thoughts on this Model Cheers Eric
  4. Hi all, my daughter has recently taken delivery of her GXL hybrid, and has a rattle in the dashboard in the centre, car has done only 500 odd kms, just wondering if any other owners have this rattle as well, she will be reporting this to the dealer at the 1000ks complimentary service otherwise she loves it cheers Eric
  5. Haha, how embarrassed am I, I have been carting Floor rugs and carpet around yesterday and today whilst trying to make choices, the seats were down for that reason. I will vacuum, it annoys me too.
  6. Hi Krystal what I meant by who are you buying for is, it's yours buy what you want, don't worry about others I am amazed the Toyota dealer does not know how to fold down the rear seats some pics of rear seats folded down, Catch is next to where the rear seat belt is lying at top of the rear seat by "back shelf" by rear pillar Cheers Eric
  7. Hi Krystal The Rear Seats do Fold Down, all hatchbacks have this You really need to Drive the C-HR!!, the car is Great to drive, Comfortable & very Zippy if you like Who are you buying the Car for?, You or others?, you buy what you want, not for what others think, if you like Teal, go for it The Heated seats catching on fire in an accident.....very much doubt it, there would be safety protocols in place The Koba is the the Top of the Line Model, very well equipped, there are a couple things i was disappointed with, such as No Electric Seat adjustment -back and forth, no memory settings Sun Roof not available at all and No Auto Door locking / unlocking feature. I have since purchased an OBD Device to perform that function, a simple plug in device In regard to The Prius you are considering, it depends on what you want from a car, Hybrids are great , i have had 2 Camry Hybrids both very economical i used to average 5.6 - 5.8 l/100km the C-HR returns (for me 6.5 l/100km) and I'm happy with that If the C-HR was available in this country i would have bought that, no problem Good Luck with your search! Cheers Eric
  8. One of My Gripes with the C-HR was the Auto Door Locking feature was not available, with our past 2 cars, we had grown used to all four doors locking as you drove off for first time and upon reaching 20kmh the doors would lock, then unlock when shift to Park From this forum a member supplied a link to a UK Toyota Forum where you could purchase an OBD Auto Door Locker from Rakutan Share - Style Store in Japan, i made inquiries with them and found out it was for the HYBRID model only. Rakutan Share - Style Store in Japan have now Developed in conjunction with Valfee Japan a Device that is suitable for Both Gasoline and Hybrid Models. I have purchased this device and it works perfectly as described, Very Simple install by plugging into the OBD Port under the Dash Cost was $100 including shipping and was delivered to me within 1 week, i am now a very happy Man Link: If you use Chrome as your browser it will translate the pages making it easier to Navigate your way through the Site Cheers Eric
  9. Cool, have fun, you will get used to people looking at the car at lights or as they drive past and look now you gotta go through "new car syndrome" all over again, worrying about where you park and who parks next to you etc Cheers Eric
  10. Hi Ellie YAY, congrats, looks really nice Ellie Now you just have to drive it as much as you can, these cars are a pleasure to drive, watch your speed though, it's so easy to creep over cheers Eric
  11. Hey Glenn, no problem mate, with the website mainly in Japanese it is very hard to follow, I used google translator lens to translate i have contacted the vendor via email and they said they cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with Australian model 1.2l turbo petrol only the hybrid Japanese models Thanks for finding that info in the first place, it was worth the effort to investigate Cheers Eric
  12. Hi Terry,Ashley & Ryan looks like I'am wasting time: ハイブリットのみ対応商品です。お間違えの無いようにお願いします。translated means It is a hybrid only compatible product. Please do not make a mistake. cheers Eric
  13. Hi Terry, Initially I followed the link Glenn provided directly from the email on my phone which didn't display the installation video, after going directly to their website and watching the video from there I now realise which port it is, it's the same one Toyota used to enable the auto down/up for all 4 windows, so yeah should have watched the video The only concern I have now is by using this device am I going to void my warranty, I personally can't see a problem with it, I can always remove it when the car is due for it's service.....your thoughts? Cheers Eric
  14. Hi Glenn, thanks so much for finding that info, it is something we really miss and always forget to lock the doors manually. It looks like it is really easy to install, I will take off the cover plate on the dash as indicated and see if there is something actually for it to plug into and if there is a plug there see if it is active, if so I will get one Cheers Eric
  15. Hi Ellie, great to see your car is not far away in regard to the auto window up/down function by vehicle remote operation not being available is not true, I had my cars remote window up/down feature switched on (enabled) by the dealer on day of pickup all I have to do is press and hold down the unlock button on remote and hey presto all four windows wind down & for up .. press and hold lock button ....... see vid i thought this function would be handy in summer so you can release the hot air inside before entering, and because you can't get a sunroof The Toyota technician found this function when I asked about Auto door locking (all doors lock) when you start your drive and go over 25kph and unlock when you shift to Park, this feature I had in my last Camry Hybrids, but alas is non existent with the C-HR All they do is plug their laptop into the communication port under the dashboard and go through the options you have and would like to change to on