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  1. So a couple of changes, first, removed the VVT sticker on the rear window and the King Springs stickers on the rear quarter windows as I am not a fan of stickers. Have taken the front lip off as it just scrapes too much for my liking (quarter of it came off the first week but reattached no problem, sorry Scott!). May look into something else but at the moment it's not a priority. Today I fitted a 140w (Bridged) amp and 10" JBL Bazzoka sub to the existing stereo, did this the proper way too, no shortcuts (Apart from the power wire fuse under the bonnet is taped underneath the pod piping till I find a screw that fits an existing threaded hole in the strut tower). Removed the back seat, drivers seat and top of the console so I could thread the wires through. Also found a little hose like hole in one of the rubber grommet things on the firewall so got the power cable through to the cab quite easily. Surprised how easily the console and stereo comes out, was expecting a mare and not looking forward to it so that was a pleasant experience. Thinking of changing the stereo though as there is just not enough memory and the Android OS is KitKat so no transferring/storing apps onto a memory card (Think this was introduced with Marshmallow) and I had real trouble trying to find a music app that would read my iPod classic. The one I did find works, but for the first 10 mins of so songs keep freezing. It's a bit annoying. I'll see how much my Aussie tax return will be before I make a decision, afterall, a stereo is a luxery! lol. Anyway, just thought I'd keep you posted and that it's being looked after. Added a pic after yesterdays wash.
  2. Poor FT had to say goodbye to his beloved SX6 but you can say Hi to its new owner. Thanks Scott, this guy knows his stuff and was a real pleasure dealing with him. Quite funny really because 1 week ago I'd never considered owning an Aurion but his one really caught my eye.