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  1. Newbie products for detailing white car

    If you are going to Clay bar it, I would suggest spending the time to give it a polish before moving onto the wax. You will get longer life from the wax. I personally don't get my detailing products from SuperCheap but they do have some good options, Meg's (as you have noted) is probably the way to go.
  2. The seats look good, its just some of the wear and tear on the fabric. Don't get me wrong, great seats which look great, its just that the whole car is looking near new and the wear and tear on the seat fabric detracts a little. Can you re-upholster Recaros? To be honest, it probably isn't worth the effort/cost for the minor improvement.
  3. It really is looking great, well done. Hope they are able to find the leak for you. Add some new seats (if they are on your to-do list) and it will look mint.
  4. Fuel consumption

    Here are a few factors that can affect your fuel consumption, note that a few could be considered 'myths' but either way I thought they would be good to mention (in no particular order): 1. Engine condition - has it been serviced recently? Changed fuel filters etc.. 2. Poor engine oil - this one might be considered myth but there are thoughts that if you use the wrong grade of oil (too thick) at certain temperatures moving engine parts won't move as freely as they should which leads to greater use of petrol. 3. Bad fuel quality - self explanatory, poor fuel quality can mean more fuel consumption. 4. Driving with the air-con on - this can lead to extra engine load hence more fuel consumption. 5. Bald tyres - less traction = more engine load = more fuel consumption. 6. Over loading - again fairly self-explanatory. 7. Driving style - drive like a mad man with your full flat to the floor all the time and your fuel consumption will naturally increase. Hope these help.
  5. Meet Lucy :)

    Well done mate! Quick question, which may be a dumb question, does the gold come with a clear coat? In essence, is it a metallic colour?
  6. Great work! I've always had a soft spot for the Corolla Sportivo's so really enjoyed reading this and seeing all the good stuff you've done so far. On a slightly different topic, well done on the photos too, crisp, clear and colourful.
  7. Hello All

    Hey everyone, Even though I sold my pride and joy (94 MR2) a few years ago it still holds a spot in my heart and I have joined this online community so I can share the experiences others are having and 're-live' the good times with my beloved MR2. Look forward to joining into the conversations. Have a great day, Marcus