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  1. I'd also like to know about this... Can anyone shed some light?
  2. Ok so the solution is simple. Drill a hole in your boot. The end.
  3. I've looked, but cannot find... Would like to source pdf of the owners (not workshop) manual for a 2005 ZZE corolla, from Australia. The US Toyota site has it for download, the AU does not, presumably because it's too old. The US corolla is different it seems. Anyone have it?
  4. Hi all, Fitted the factory tow bar fine, but wondering if anyone can tell me where the factory harness enters the rear. There are 2 large rubber bungs under the spare tyre, but I don't think they are it. The factor harness has a grommet about half the size. Can someone take a photo of their entry point of they have the factory harness please. Thanks in advance.
  5. OK everyone, and update... I bought one of those flip keys with the remote built in (3 buttons). The dude cut and coded the security in the key. I took it home and did the battery disconnect for 30 seconds, then turned ignition from lock to on 20 times, and the blinkers started flashing indicating it was in program mode. Pressed the button on my remote. Turned the ignition lock to on 2 times. Done. Works like a champ. Hope this helps someone.
  6. I read that if you don't have a key, you got to disconnect the battery for 30 seconds, then do the ignition off-on 20 times in 12 seconds. The blinkers should blink, then you are in program mode. One problem for me on this is that my key is a bit worn, and it snags sometimes, and it will very difficult to get 20 cycles in 12 seconds. I'm going to get another key cut, and one with the remote built in that hopefully suits. Hopefully this weekend. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  7. Hey Ronnie... My key is pretty worn, and there is no way possible I can turn the key 20 times in 12 seconds because it keeps snagging. Is there any way to do this another way? I was thinking maybe splicing into one of the wires that lead to the module and putting in a momentary switch for this purpose. Do you know anyone that might have a circuit diagram for it?
  8. hey all, An update to this topic if anyone needs it... Eventually, I found the unit, but was installed in the drivers footwell, and on top of that, it's different to what's shown in the manual, but it's still a Genuine Toyota accessory. part number is: PZQ71-12071, and it looks like it might be the single button remote, which is also an alarm. I'll post more when I know more.
  9. yeah, the current key is exactly that key. The workshop manual shows the receiver in the rear pillar behind the rear passenger pillar on the driver's side. Looking in there, there is no receiver, and no wiring harness for it. See Item D4 in the attachment. Is it possible it could be located elsewhere? It's not necessary to install an alarm on this car. I don't want to go to that expense. I want my missus to be able to walk up and unlock the car so she doesn't have to fiddle with a key on a busy street for example.
  10. Hey Topdog, thanks for your reply... as it turns out, it looks like the remote key receiver unit is not under the rear driver's side lining. I also can't see a wiring plug or loom there for the unit. Perhaps my model did not come with a remote locking :( I find it hard to believe that the wiring at least would not be there, but maybe someone could shed some light on that.
  11. I recently bought a 2005 Corolla hatch ZZE112R, and I was only given a single key, no remote. The questions are: 1) Did all these models have remote locking capability? Or was it in some cases an optional extra? 2) How can I tell if my model had it, and a previous owner had lost the remote fob? 3) If it didn't come with remote, how can I retrofit a remote module? Is it difficult/expensive? Thanks guys... RK
  12. Hi everyone... Just bought a 2005 Corolla Hatch for the missus second hand, and I got to say I want to keep it for myself! Looking forward to learning a lot about it discussing with you guys... All the best, Roger

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