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  1. Final update: 1. Tried the new module from the seller. ABS light went away (YAY!), but was short lived. Drove 10 kms and light came back on. Broke my heart. 2. Went to a mechanic here who was recommended a lot by others. Went to them. They stated that no scanners work for this abs module, it has to be check manually. They checked resistance (1.6k Ohms on all fours), all sensors were good and then they checked earthing and power on all wiring, which was also good. The only plausible reason was the control module. 3. They ordered a second hand one again using their contact, tried the module and voila, the ABS light went away. They kept the car for a day and road tested. ABS light did not come back. Now, I'll return the botched abs module to the ebay seller. Also interesting, my power steering used to become really hard on low rpms with the abs light on, but now it has become a lot smoother. It's amazing how these electronics work with each other. I am super happy this got resolved. I can move on with my life.
  2. Techstream (v13) is able to see cruise control, airbags, engine and ect. I am able to check all these systems except abs or brake system. That module is located near the right headlight in the engine bay. It is a bosch 5.3 abs. The abs module that I ordered has arrived and i have disassembled the module from the pump. I'll install it this weekend. 🤞 It works.
  3. Update on this: I got the techstream cable. Techstream recognized my Camry as a TMCA product which is correct. To my surprise, there was no option of ABS/Brake system. I tried changing my region but techstream was not able to connect to the system. The abs module is Bosch 5.3. I started reading about it and voila, the abs in early Camry's are not connected to the obd2 conventionally. They use K-line diagnostics for which you need a K-Line compatible cable, these cheap cables from eBay won't work. Then I called a guy who had 4 good quality scanners and we made a deal that if he is unable to get a code from the ABS system, he won't charge me. He tried all 4 scanners but none worked. One of the scanners told to short 4 and 13 pins and see the ABS light for codes, which I already know about. I have a code 22 which searching on the internet gives me a short circuit on the left solenoid. In vain, I went back and tried reading about Bosch 5.3 abs modules. Apparently, they have a common problem of micro-soldering breaking up. Bosch system also does not store code 2X for long and resets after a while. This would explain no light in the morning. In BMW's with Bosch 5.3 people are experiencing the same problem. They have no light in the morning and lights come up after some driving and this cycle continues. I came to the conclusion that the module is fried in my Camry (left solenoid). I have ordered a used Bosch abs control module with the same part numbers from a seller who is giving me 3 months of warranty, hopefully, this will solve my problem. Also, I cleaned all of the wheel speed sensors prior to ordering anything
  4. Haven't receive the cable yet. Damn long shipping times. I have noticed another thing though. In the morning i did drive with no abs light and got on the highway. Drove for 20kms straight, no abs light. Took the exit, boom, abs light on. It's definitely a bad sensor in one of the wheels.
  5. Yes, I installed the software on my win 10 laptop, just going to use the cable. It should work.
  6. I ordered it for $32 (this one
  7. Update: I have ordered a Techstream cable from ebay. The seller has positive reviews. I will keep updating this thread. Hopefully, Techstream will be able to show me the ABS code.
  8. You are probably correct. This light is ****** me off. I cannot find any obd2 scanner online that can read abs codes for an aussie 2004 camry, all are post 2006. I went to a shop which quoted me 109$ for a single scan. Which imo is a damn robbery. I will get my wheels aligned and balanced, clean the brakes and clean all sensors this weekend. Let's see how it goes. Do you know any obd2 capable of reading abs codes that works with aussie camry?
  9. I don't have an OBD scanner that can read ABS codes. I replaced the ABS (60A) fuse with a new one to see if it solved the issue. Wiring should be fine cause it does not happen when I start it after a couple of hours or in the morning. That is every day. I plan to clean the brakes and sensors this weekend. Can this be a fried/dead ABS module? But if it is a dead abs module, the light should be constant.
  10. Hey Guys, I have a weird problem with my ABS in Toyota Camry MCV36R 2004. In the morning, there is no light, even if I drive or start-stop the engine many times. But after driving for a while, the ABS light comes on and stays on. If I leave the car for a couple of hours, it goes away again. What do you reckon is the issue?