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  1. Wanting some knowledge for EPB (Electronic Park Brake) removal and disassembly. I wanted to paint rear calipers and wanting to completely remove rear calipers for better paint results. Im aware of putting it on Neutral, put on acc then put park then turn off car completely to disengage EPB. However im not really confident on using this way. Anyone who have done EPB removal before im kindly asking for some advice and knowledge. Thanks!
  2. Do you think that 8.5Jx18 or 8Jx18 ET40 and ET42 will fit without any problems?
  3. Hi. Im planning to buy wheel set for my 2019 Camry Sport but I'm not too sure if it will rub or not with stock suspension. Im buying, ENKEI TS10 18X8 +40 5-114.3 BLACK or SSR GTV02 18X8.5 +40 5-114.3 FLAT BLACK. They are the same offsets but different widths. Will these rims fit? Im not too familiar with cars so im really struggling. Also what is the stud pattern of camry? Is it 1.5 or 1.25? Thanks.