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  1. Hi. Even with my fan turned to high the output is minimal. I replaced the cabin filter which was completely clogged but no improvement. Is there somewhere else I need to clean out or do Toyota's just have crappy airflow? My ford falcon fan output was awesome even on low.
  2. Anybody else out there found a way to stop the VVTI rattle on startup or is it just a fact of life with the 2GR-FE engine? If anybody has found a way to stop it I'd love to hear what you did.
  3. This is really good information I am going to call Toyota today.
  4. Hi, Our 1999 Camry just started smoking and smelling bad from the drivers side window and now the window won't go up or down. Assuming it is some sort of short?? How can I get the window back up with the motor not working??