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  1. I have a 2001 4Cyl Camry Auto that had the fuel pump, fuel filter and injectors professionally cleaned and serviced 3 months ago and now it has again developed a stalling and missing issue that resulted in the last fuel pump dying. I can be driving along at 80km on 2000 rpm on flat road and it stalls or almost stalls and the throttle has to be gently feathered to get the revs back to normal. It also usually hesitates and stalls or looses power under load on hills. Being Auto I chuck it into Neutral and it starts straight away. It will then usually continue to run for 5 or up to 10 minutes until it happens again. The car always has at least 1/4 of a tank of petrol although I do use ethanol fuels. The mechanic who fixed it last time says the injector service ultimately rectified the problem last time (but he is 1.5hr drive away). I have checked the sock filter on the fuel pump and it was clean and undamaged so I dont think it is worth replacing a 3 month old fuel filter. Does anyone have any other suggestions or have other owners experienced this and what was the solution?