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  1. Hi, I think you will find your car is ok. If you go down a long steep hill, and use the brakes to keep the ECO needle within the charging range on the dial. And start off at the top of the hill at low speed. You may find that it will go up to being near full.
  2. Hi, If you go down a very long steep hill, And use the brakes to keep the needle on the ECO gage within the charging range. You will then be able to see the HV battery get fully charged.
  3. Hi all, The following links are to the Silicon Chip magazine article on how the Toyota Camry Hybrid Synergy Drive works.’s+Hybrid+Synergy+Drive%3A+it’s+brilliant!?res=nonflash
  4. Hi all, Thought that you maybe interested in a article that will be published in the Australian; Silicon Chip magazine December.2019 issue. Which is due on sale in newsagents by Thursday November 28th 2019. You will also be able to purchase the article via silicon chip website: Title:" How it works: Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive". Regards, Toyota Camry Hybrid Driver.