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  1. Cheers mate I'm thinking it was faulty in the first place did get it for a swap for a ve sv6 sportswagon and he was very keen
  2. No strange noises at all just revs as if in park speedo doesn't move don't know what type of scanner but he had to use tab like things in it to suit my car
  3. So true..would a trd ecm be different than standard
  4. To b honest don't know what to do with it now but thro money at it so sad I recked a good car pity it's not insured for stupidity
  5. The brake 1 is interesting I did notice brake fluid is low
  6. Will check all connections c how I go seems like its gonna b expensive stuff up worrying about if I put new trans in will it work
  7. Got it scanned came up with code c1201 whould that stop trans from working
  8. Thanks mate ile look into it kinda hopeing clearing the codes may help
  9. Having trouble getting someone to come out with a scan tool anybody got any recommendations in adelaide thanks
  10. Cheers guys mines trd 0337 had xr8s an ve ss b4 hand an this car is way in a class above those so nice to drive
  11. I'm hearing you both it's not usually my type of thing just had a stupid moment an too top it of I'm in my mid 50s makes it worse apart from that in love with the aurion surprisingly so in fact.thanks for all the help ile update wen I've sorted the problem may get it back on a scan tool c what happens
  12. Looks like best option is to put second hand trans in can get done from wreckers fitted for 1000 is that ok price trans has done less ks than my car also is trd trans same as normal aurion cheers