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  1. Thanks so much guys. I will be phoning the Principal Dealer on Monday. I have kept contemporaneous notes and have already written, but received no reply. I think it is now time to phone the Boss. Thanks again. Julie
  2. First Toyota and cannot believe how bad the Dealership service is. Prado still under warranty and just hate taking vehicle for service as the Dealership is all froth and bubbles and no substance, from the day I drove my vehicle out of the showroom only to realize it was unroadworthy.. I had an ARB bull bar and extra battery fitted prior to delivery, but no one told me the extra 120 kg on the front of the vehicle would require heavy duty shock absorbers. When I picked up my vehicle after the last service it would not start, just made a loud squealing noise. Seems no one primed the fuel pum
  3. Hi Maba  I agree about poor service from dealerships.  I purchased a new prado in 2018 with an ABS bull bar and an extra battery no one thought to tell me that the extra 120kg on the front would require heavy shockers.  So I drove out of the dealership with an roadworthy vehicle.   It took six weeks to admit the problem and fix.  I had to pay half.   And then after my last service they changed the fuel filter and forgot to prime the fuel pump.  Made an awful noise when I tried to start it, and they swore black and blue the vehicle had been test driven.   A disgrace.

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