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  1. Hi Rice RAcing, I made a decision not to own a Toyota again which I will stand by... and as far as my nightmare with the blown engine. There are thousands of people who have heard about it. The internet is a very powerful tool!!! and I can guarantee that I have used it successfully. Toyota would have gained far more respect by the public if they accepted to rectify their faulty component which caused my engine to blow. Regards, Maba :)
  2. Hi Rice Racing, Hopefully not an empty promise!!! Good luck!! Regards, :) Maba
  3. Maba, Suggest that you may have some redress under the Trade Practices Act 1974. Statutory warranties, In short Manufacturers warranties are only Voluntary warranties, and after these warranties have run out you still have Statutory warranties. Manufacturers Warranties do not Negate Statutory warranties. If you contact your State Department of Business and Consumer Affairs, or The ACCC , on their web site, they may be able to steer you in the right direction. Good Luck, RTON LILL Hi, Fortunately the car has now been sold. I have completely lost confidence in the
  4. Hi All, To put a long story short I was offered by TMCA 50% off parts only to rectify my blown engine which equated to almost $8,000 through TOYOTA. I had the engine done for $4,300 complete and satisfied with the outcome at the local mechanic with 12 months warranty. I persisted with TMCA & TMC to the point where Teresa handed over the case to the operations Manager George who basically tried to bully me away which didn't work. I had already made my decision and arranged for my vehicle to be rectified prior to that call. Its absolutely discusting that Toyota is taking advantage of custom
  5. Hi all, My 2001 Prado has been fitted with a second hand 2003 Hilux 5VZ FE engine with 80,000k's on the clock. I had a hard time finding a 5VZ FE engine out of a Prado with less than 140,000k's therefore the Hilux option was looking good. I have so far travelled 200k's since the engine was fitted and it runs beautifully (touch wood) Total cost was $ 4,300 which included the following, engine, fitting, full service/tune, Timing belt, Radiator flush (Toyota radiator coolant used)12months 20k Warranty on motor/6months 10k on labour, Free service/Inspection after 1000k's, Tow from home to worksho
  6. Thanks Gav, Your advise confirms that I have made the correct decision. I'll keep you updated once I drive the car. Regards, Maba
  7. Hi All, I have made a decision to have the vehicle rectified using a second hand Hilux motor through a company who specialise in this field. I have sourced an engine with 80,000klm's which is currently being fitted. It was difficult to source an engine from a Prado with less than 140,000klm's but given that the Hilux adopted the 5vz engine in 2003/2004 etc it was easier to source an engine with less than 90,000klms. The only issue I had was the fact that when fitted into the Hilux the engine delivered only 124kw and torque was slightly less. After discussing my query with a number of mechanics
  8. maba

    My New Prado

    Its a petrol. We do around 8-10k per year thought it would be more suitable. If you are doing 8 to 10 k per year then make sure you service your vehicle very regular. Why you ask? If something goes wrong then TMCA will find a fault and refuse to fix it. Trust me I know. My engine blew up at 58,000klm's. I really stress this point out!!!! My issue continued for 3 months with TMC (JAPAN and TMCA AUST and all they persisted with is servicing. They believed that my vehicle at 58,000 klms required 14 services to be classified as on schedule. I know it sound unbelievable but its true. I finally ac
  9. Hi, I started this thread to allow members to share their experience with dealerships whether it being positive or negative. Post your story Regards, Maba
  10. Hi Kdeito, I am convinced that you and many others should not fork out any cash for a factory fault. Regards, Maba
  11. Hi All, The issue has now been resolved, TMCA offered 50% off the Warranty price of parts only. I have declined the offer and will be repairing the vehicle at my local mechanic at a lower cost. Thank you to all members who have supported me. Regards, Maba
  12. Hi, Keep persisting with TMCA, Maba,

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