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  1. So, as a follow up. I spoke to our spare parts head honcho whose response was: "Sure. Just give us the part numbers and be prepared to wait 4 to 6 weeks." Champion. The moral is: The plebs know what's going on. The managers don't.
  2. Thanks Robert. Very happy so far. Mine is up to 530km already. First thing I noticed was the ride. There's a noticeable difference in the ride between the 16s on the AS and the 17s on my ZR. Seats are a nice place to be. Not excessively plush, but good support for a long distance drive when the time comes. I'm still coming to terms with Android Auto, but the "tablet" seems pretty user-friendly. But it's the safety features which really stick out. Toyota, to their credit, have packed a lot of safety assistance into such a relatively cheap car. Yep. Quite happy.
  3. Hi all. On Tuesday, I take delivery of a new Corolla Ascent Sport. While perusing the Toyota Japan site, I see accessories available that aren't available here, and it has got me beaten how I can buy them. Even my Manager at the Toyota dealership that I work at can't help. Has anyone had any luck in this ? I've tried sites like Etsy and Yahoo Auctions Japan, but no luck. Is it worth trying to locate a friendly Toyota Dealership in Japan ? Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers.
  4. As a further to my post, I've traded my blue ZR in on a 2021 Ascent Sport. Wife has traded her 2017 Ascent Sport in on a silver 2021 Ascent Sport. We take delivery on Tuesday. Here's mine on Thursday getting its PDS.
  5. Just had a drive of this bad boy this morning. Wow. I seriously can't afford one, but I want one.
  6. Thanks Bob and Tony for your welcoming words. Quite happy with my Corolla so far. I work in parts / service dept at our local Toyota dealership. Great place to work.
  7. Thanks peeps. Yes, quite happy at the Toyota yard. Also working alongside Hyundai and Honda too. Good place to work, with good people. I'll definitely be keeping ears out for any news that I can bring to the table.
  8. Hi. I have a 2016 ZR. The touchscreen shows there are two USB inputs available, but I can only find the one in front of the gear shifter, next to the heated seats control. Any advice on where I'm going to find the other one would be gratefully accepted. Cheers.
  9. Just saying hello. I bought myself a 2016 Corolla ZR a few weeks ago. My wife has a 2017 Corolla Ascent Sport. Not my first Toyota. Back in my youth ( 55 now ), I had a 1973 TA22 Celica. Great little car. We live in the NSW Southern Highlands and I work at the local Toyota dealership. Thanks for having me on board. Here's a pic of our driveway.

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