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  1. Engine light now coming on and won't go off. Using half a bottle of coolant in 20kms although no leaks.
  2. Previous owner replaced radiator, I replaced coolant temp sensor. I have purchased new water pump yet to be installed just incase. I always top up the coolant although it seems to use way too much. Overheating is hard to monitor as there is only two lights that show, either red flashing or green when U first start. To middle gauge. Had thermometer on all parts of engine, one side of radiator is hotter than the other. Which is what made me think previous owner chemy welded head instead of replacing. No overheating or head issues or symptoms present tho, just assuming this is causing blockage. O
  3. Hi, yes I have ordered a new one and going to try flushing it. It's only a new one. I've only just brought the car but do you think it's chemy weld blocking it?
  4. My 2003 Toyota Echo is showing a flashing overheating light when I travel at 100kms or over 2.5grand rpms. When I lower the acceleration to 2gramd or under it immediately disappears. The warning light only comes on if you sit on 100 KMs or 3grand rpms. Although this isn't effecting use. I have traveled long distance in the car and had no mechanical issues stop my car. I have changed thermostat and coolant temperature sensor although it is still happening. Could this be a water pump?

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