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  1. Wow thanks to everyone who replied and took their time to explain it in so much detail. However my current system is an axle back with a straight through muffler, not a muffler delete, so the effect of a resonator delete might not be the same as for you guys. But your feedback is still very useful. another question i have is that the sound of the exhaust comes back to almost stock at high rpms which i find weird. Is it the axle back pipe being larger that the rest of the pipe? Im not sure how big the pipes are from the 3rd cat but the exhaust shop did install 2.5 inch pipe after the y split. Any ideas?
  2. Is the resonator delete louder compared to a hotdog resonator, or is it just raspier? Looking to make my system louder but not sure whether hotdogs are worth it compared to a resonator delete.
  3. The only way to find out is through a dyno run unfortunately. I’ll have to find another way to add power while keeping it n/a.
  4. Yes that’s what i hate about the stock tips because they shows the tiny pipe inside.😂
  5. Appreciate the feedback!
  6. Im not the biggest fan of the oval tips but i will still consider them. As for the slanted cut, that is a must now that my car is lowered.
  7. Cheers man, greatly appreciated. I’m wondering if 4” tip is too big or not or if i should go with a 3.5” instead. Here is a comparison of the 4” and stock:
  8. I have read through the collector pipe mod and as a welder i might consider doing it in the future. Although i still cannot determine whether this mod is worth it or really does make a difference because there are no dyno results. Also, does it provide extra low end torque power or top end? Below is the photo of the collector pipe where it squishes up as it joins together.
  9. Thanks for letting me know before i wasted my money!
  10. Basically the axle back is everything after the 2 flanges that connect the exhausts.
  11. Thanks mate, I am not too sure about the exhaust yet but the guy quoted me mild steel piping and sports mufflers with either a 3.5 or 4 inch stainless tips. In total he quoted me 700 which is abit pricey for an axleback in my opinion but the shop is highly reputable with 10+ years of experience. Let me know your thoughts if this is too expensive.
  12. If that’s the case it may not add too much braking performance but i’m pretty sure it’s not a placebo, it’s definitely there.
  13. The disc and brake pads are also in really good condition and brakes well but i do want the klugger 2 piston calipers.
  14. Thanks Campbeam, i will be looking at good quality tires in the future but as of now the set that i have on will do, for daily driving. No police have pulled me over yet and hopefully putting on the exhaust won’t attract them. After all, its a little sleeper car.😉 And the exhaust that i want to put on are not extremely loud, but just abit louder and better tone than the factory.👍
  15. Thanks tony, I will definitely upload more photos when i get to wash the car and take proper shots. I’m also keen for the exhaust which may be installed in 2 weeks time.😁
  16. Hi guys i’ve been lucky enough to get myself a 2016 toyota aurion sportivo as a p plater in SA. I’ve always read through this forum since my ownership but only decided to join now. I am abit late but who cares, up the aurion! The mods i have done to my car are as follows: - 18x8.5 +35 aftermarket avid av32 wheels in gloss black (i should have bought real wheels but i was in a rush) - cheap tires size 245/40/r18 - gkteck extended lug nuts - bc racing br series coilovers - rolled rear guards - pedders camber pins - tailight & reflectors vinyl tint (light smoke) - gloss black ebay rear window spoiler - custom slim plates with glass cover No interior mods because i dont think it needs any. As of now i have not seen any gsv50 aurions done as clean as this one in SA. I am planning also planning to put an ultra racing rear sway bar and get a custom axle-back exhaust installed by a shop in the future. Here are some unprofessional photos of my dirty car.💯

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