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  1. i actually have a crazy idea.... if i can dismount the tail light cover then i can go to any perspex/clear plastic moulding factories to get the tail light covers fabricated to the exact dimension that way...i can have my chrome tail lights (coz the base of the tail lights is already silver-ish, i can spray paint more silver powder to make it look shinier) am i out of my minds? does anyone know how to dismount the tail light cover (not the bulb) from the car?
  2. Im in for a cruize.....definitely! Was a good night ... got some inspirations of how to mod my rolla, now just the matter of how fast i can save up......
  3. V-power is more dense than other commercial petrols on the market That's why when it is combusted, it also protects the rubbing parts in the piston and enhance a more complete combustion The additives in the petrol also helps against wears and damages, such as the slight amount of extremely-long-chained alcohol groups and isotops of octane if you are keen to know the exact ingredient...take about 20ml of petrol to any high school or university ...and do a titration of organic compounds...but keep away from fire!!
  4. realistically speaking...the brands of fuel (whether BP, Caltex or Shell) and classes of fuel (92, 95, 98, ethanol) do not contribute that much to performance (power) and efficiency (fuel consumption ratios). Yes, slight changes in performance and/or efficiency are possible, but they are far beyond the magnitude to make some "real differences", such as making the rolla like a V8 or consuming below 7L/100km. Rolla's enginer are only 4 cylinders after all... However, one significant difference that the brands and type of fuel can make is the protection of your engine. 98 petrols (such as V-power and Ultima) release exhausts that are 30~50 times LESS carbon than 92, and 20~35 times LESS carbon than 95. That will mean a far less level of carbon residue to your piston and other moving parts of the engine In a simple laboratory experiment we have conducted, feeding 92, 95 and 98 petrols to a simple Villiers Engine (the foundamental engine that all car engines bulid on) and let the engine run for 6 hours at 2000rpm. At the end of 6 hours: * 92 petrol: wears and scratches are eye-visible on most moving parts * 95 petrol: wears and scratches are microscopic on some moving parts * 98 petrol: same as 95, but the severity of damages is less Usually performance and efficiency are trade-offs, it is very hard to get both with current technology. If you prefer performance more than efficiency... then there are many options such as CAI, bore-up or even turbo charges If you prefer efficiency more than performance... then...probably drive slower is the only option...@.@ So yeah...hope this can help you...
  5. thanks angie :)...i'll start looking for overseas tail lights and also ask nextmod for import issues~~ yay for another sedan!!
  6. Thanks mate, the website is good!!! and its in sydney too! hahah i've heard that nextmod can help us with importing? maybe i should ask them about the taillights u think?
  7. G'day guys!! I am another newbie here in this forum and would like to join TOCAU!! I got my corolla sedan (conquest) in 2005 and I am in love with it since! sedan rockz!! :P I am looking for Clear-Chrome rear lights for my rolla, something like this pic below (they are Astra's rear lights): or like this The reason for clear-chrome rear lights is because my rolla is white....i tried to use photoshop to simulate different colours of rear lights on my white rolla. The ink-based rear lights that TRD supplies made my rolla look like zibra's bumbum...not sexy at all!!! It will be much much much appreciated if anyone knows where/how/who can I get a pair of clear-chrome rear lights for corolla!! Btw, I am based in Sydney! Camera's battery is flat at the moment, once it is charged up then I will post my rolla's pic up! Question 2: I like this kind of front bumper/lip/skirt (what's the proper name?) shown below, does anyone know where to get them? and approx how much does it cost? any other good suggestions of stylish (but not too expensive) body kits (assume comes with all front, side and rear?) Thanks for answering these questions!!! If they have been asked before, my apologies here and hope that my rookie questions wont insult anyone!! enjoy long wkend CCH
  8. Hey guys, im totally newbie here and i love my rolla too. are newbie(s) welcome to tag along your monthly meet on sept 29? any procedures?...blood-sworn ceremony something like that?... Thanks CCH