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  1. i fitted the engine after i bought my car...ived change my oil already with the same brand..Mobil1 fully synthetic oil,oil level is at the full level..but still its the same here in the philippines cant help me because im the only person here who has this kind of engine..i brought it once in the toyota service center, but they dont have the code of my engine in their computer...i bought my engine from japan then imported it here in the philippines...
  2. im using a mobil 1 fullysynthetic.. im using it for about 8000km i have to replace it with a new engine oil?what brand you will recommend for me?thank you all guys...
  3. whats with my engine oil?do i have to undergo a change oil again?
  4. definitely im not revving the engine in vvtl-i doesn't go of while the car is running in 600rpm, the check engine indicator will light on when i reach 6000rpm, then my cut off rpm becomes 7200 rpm instead of 8000 rpm...pls help me guys..thanks...
  5. gigiboy

    my corolla

    these is my 2002 corolla with a 2zz-ge engine, carbon fiber hood, 15" ce28 volk racing mags and 195/55 yokohama advan tires
  6. hi im from the philippines...and i put a 2zz-ge engine in my 2002 a avid fun of toyota since i was 14 yrs old..
  7. even though i let the engine started for about 10 mins. no improvement....the same problem which i posted earlier...
  8. my vvtl-i doesnt go of when im at 6000rpm...then my check engine indicator light will turn on, then my cut-off rpm becomes 7200rpm instead of 8000rpm...what will i do about this problem?