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  1. overdrive is an engine braking system,also as some may say it doesnt give more power it really does.Try going over 120 with your car and watch it struggle.enable overdrive and i have reached 180 which is that cars top speed as it was overrevving and unable to pass that point.
  2. got rid of it, just done what egene mentioned and grounded the RCA plugs, thnx for the help.
  3. what happend is i purchased a pioneer unit witht the built in screen and dvd player 2 12 inch JL audio subs and a 4 channel amp.so i took the old sytem out replaaced it with this and WHining like a bitch..i done everything i could think off.even ripping apart the whole thing and installing it again. now ive lost motivation...as for the supercharger comment ...no comment
  4. my amp and sb were working perfectly and the next day i started to get engine/alternator noise from the amp-sub. this noise is like a constant loud MMMMMMM noise and only occurs once engine is on. When i drive the sound is louder than the car . Anyone know how to fix this problem .. thankss
  5. 2050 $ with aami for me..to much ? of course but im 18. i can drive a car worth 500 bux and still pay 2 gz for insurance full comp
  6. ye i agree very silly but maybe they just coudent help it..no ye there is videos but they r mine strictly :Dhope to have another meet soon, if anyone is interested in go karting i might be able to get real cheap prices if we go on off peak days. something like 35 dollars unlimited times..
  7. big bum i want the video of my burnouts LOL put em on cd or sumthing, great day great cars, great meet. Next time will be even better now that we have all the support. maybe go karting or laser wats or somthing like that one day cya all sooon
  8. weater is looking better than what i had expected. cya all at the bookshop at 5.30 :) can we go maccas :D pwetti please or how about charcoal chicken marcus haha
  9. throw on them shorts and singlets boys n girls cause the weather is better than what most of us expected. CYA all there :)
  10. dinner sounds like were goin on a date if you know what i mean ;)
  11. to be honest i dont mind some light rain, i love wheel spin :D anyways to address some really important issues that many of you are worred about (FOOD) we should go eat somewhere.i also might have a few friends taging along in thier cars just so i dont get lost haha CYA all there, hope you are all lookin forward to this as much as iam. oh ye by the way we have rules for the meet LAST ONE THERE BUYS THE REST LUNCH :)
  12. ye i reckon after chatting or whater we do for a while well cruise it and grab something to eat i guess when we are there we can decide whats goin on
  13. www.whereis.com.au type in the exact location search it. then type in where you are goin from and it will tell u step by step on how to get there and estimated time :)
  14. i dont like the way you said that :S haha.
  15. okay here is the confirmed dates and infomation Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd 90 Maribyrnong St Footscray 3011 - this is where we meet Time- 5.30pm-6.45pm arrive between this time and leave whenever - try and be on time please date- SUNDAY 4TH SEPT expected weather 7 - 19°C More sun than clouds cars invited - anything with the toyota badge. jk what are we doing ? decide when we are there i guess haha. Dont all look at me as the brains of this idea i just brought it up. Cya all there who ever may come. Just please after this post mention if you are coming or not only to get a clear in

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