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  1. Just wondering whether there are any HJ47 Troopy owners or experts on this site. Looking for hints, tips and knowledge about the vehicle from those in the know.
  2. Just in case you havent made up your mind yet. A long time ago ( 1984 ? ) toyota released a rebadged Daihatsu 4x4 fitted with a toyota diesel from the hilux. It was a joke. The original vehicle outperformed the tojo clone 3 times over. What should of happened was that the Daihatsu diesel engine, should have been fitted to hilux. That would have made the hilux a perfect vehicle. ( except for the steering and rollovers problems ) This is your chance to show toyota what a screw up they made. Dont know how hard to do but I would be looking for a late model Daihatsu Delta 2ton tip truck. Same engine and probably matches your gearbox. Talk to Toyhatsu Wreckers in Vict and Mark 4wd adapters for more info. Don't even consider the VM Motori - if you want diesel stay jap, even a new hilux diesel would be better than one of those. If you want lots of go - saw an '85 hilux with a 350 chev in it once. ARB had a V6 commodore conv kit a while back as well. Have fun and keep your chequebook handy
  3. This thread should be revived at least once a week to remind people of the dangers of computer controlled " safety " features in vehicles. If I'm going to have a rollover, I would prefer it to be my mistake rather than the box full of Tandy Electronic bits that I dont even want in the vehicle. Airplane passengers are assured of multiple backup systems in case of electronics failure. We car drivers only have seatbelts.
  4. Hi All - new to this site and am hoping to make use of the collective knowledge of members. A long, long time ago I owned a HJ 47 Troopy. Had several years great use out of it. Bought it new so had no need to become familiar with repair problems, in the time I had it. Having a "midlife crisis" ( fifteen years late LOL ) and currently looking at another one. It is in excellent condition - panel wise - and the mechanicals are good for its age. What I would like to know is the following: Parts availability - still relatively easy and best places for supply ?? After market Items - still well catered for ?? Diesel fuel sysytem repairers Bris/Syd/Melb and in between - who do you trust with your vehicle 2H Motor - how much of it is electric/electronic control. ( its a diesel - shouldn't need a battery to operate, apart from glow plugs in cold weather ) 60 series power steering - Easy mod ?? Disc brake conversion - Is it worth it, being only hilux parts fitted to a much heavier vehicle ?? Any and all info appreciated - not expecting many immediate answers as I presume anyone still owning one of these will be out using it for Easter Hols.