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  1. Also saw a white sportivo look alike with the rear skirt at around 10pm on hume highway around yennora. Was in the white type s :)
  2. black one's mine :) you live around the area?
  3. As title suggests, looking for stock pedals as I've misplaced mine when i changed them for OEM option ones. I'm assuming the manual zze-122 pedals will be fine. So PM me if you have any! Cheers
  4. yup that was me, good eyes :) your stivo's looking clean as usual, anything new done to it?
  5. ohhh yes i remember now lol on another note, saw a white stivo parked at wetherill park library
  6. yup that was me :) , what were you driving?
  7. lol are you running on coilovers? or are we going to chop your springs? im running on super wagons as well :) interesting stuff about the fronts not being able to go too low, thought it was just me lol
  8. tiet ! looking good, better pictures ASAP ! maybe you can come and lower my car some, i still got 2 finger gaps left xD
  9. yeh that was me :) you were turning onto canley vale rd yeh ? how was the view :P
  10. spotted hat31t at like 3pm today, pulled up next to me at t-section on st johns road and avoca rd. nice looking ride :)
  11. agreed, mods are welcome to clean it up if they wish. also, referring to my previous post. tyres specs and recent prices would be useful as well :)
  12. yeh stivo rims arent too bad at all, one of the better stockies out there. and what exactly is your daily :P why'd you change from your zzzuuppra ? i've met tiet before? guitars are my parents not mine :P p.s jason wasnt yawning thats just his normal face when driving :D UPDATE: if money permits, will be putting stock 3kg springs back in for the tein coils then ill drop this stivo. although will probably wait to put works back on before i do so which means some new tyres. any suggestions? 17" rims, previously had 215/45/R17. didn't seem to scrub but then again that was at 4WD hei
  13. cheers for that, not a bad price at all. if anyone wants mtecs there are ozhonda traders that sell them for like $36 express posted to your door. lol uganga, wetherill park represent ! so many stivos around our area EDIT: just saw your thread, some nice cars you got there, liking that height with the p1s :)
  14. was thinking about HID but i really do hate it when reflector HIDs blind the crap out of you. yeh i've heard some good things from some members about MTEC but the quality just worries me. might get a pair of MTECs when one of my fog lights bulbs blow :) although i am liking the white headlight with yellow foggies look. how much did you get your MTEC for ?

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