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  1. Hey DANZ, thought i'd pop in and see whats new around. Still have your rolla? Hows things?
  2. I think the interior is also designed around safety these days so when you have a nasty head on your legs dont get trapped etc etc etc.
  3. Wow thats an old thread , Still have the Stivo, just clicked over 100K on it, but that exhaust is long gone
  4. Just managed to change the plugs on a 95 Vienta, the back ones can be done without removing the plenum, but you need to fiddle around a bit, and you need the right tools, and a little luck. A few bare knuckles later and lots of swearing but they got done. My advice, for the sake of 60 bucks don't bother to do it yourself, I just wanted to see if it was possible.
  5. Thanks for your help guys, the changeover was quite smooth and simple, hardest part was removing the carpet to reach the filter. If anyone needs advice in the future drop me a pm. Cheers
  6. Ahh i was scared it might be...damn, thanx for the info guys.
  7. Does anyone know where the fuel filter is on the 05 corolla sportivos?
  8. ????WTF yes this has been covred but i was asking opinions of people who actually have these on their car dont worry he is a moron and only pops their stupid head in trying to cause troubble. I still swear to *** he's Lucio lol Jaze they're the best set you can get for our cars from what I've seen. Like Northy stated, they seem to actually 'flow' a lot better than the TRD ones.
  9. The real truth will be revealed in 50 or years on the discovery channel :) keep tuned.
  10. HPC all the way, you will be able to tell the difference!!! guaranteed
  11. It's all good, cant let this forum be dominated by certain people that always think they are right, a little bit of opinionated debating can be constructive.
  12. You just gotta remember when it rains, you dont want water onto it.
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