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That time of the month again...

Here is the guidleines for nominating someone for MOTM....

1. 250 plus posts of positive and informative information

2. Member for at least 6 months

3. Attends forum events in their state regularly

4. Portrays a good public image for the forum in the way they drive/ conduct themselves

5. Has a good record as far as buying and selling is concerned

6. Previous winners cannot win again for 6 months (MR22ZZ, SuperDave, Silvabullit)

Nominations will be accepted for the month of July up until the 28th June 8pm. Please ensure your nominee meets all the criteria otherwise the moderating team will not be including them in the final count.

All nominations must be PM'd to SILVABULLIT.

If we get enought nominations, I will put this to a vote for members to decide on the 28th!!!

Happy nominating!!!

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Member of the Month - July 2008

Azza aka Aaron

Azza first joined TOCAU in December 2004 after purchasing his 2004 Corolla Sportivo, knowing it was something special and wanting to find others with these vehicles he could chat to, make friends with and get assistance where needed from....The Sportivo (more affectionatley known to some as the Wed Wocket) was his second Corolla in a row, his first being a 2000 Corolla Levin with the 7A-FE engine. This was a great little car, but he just wanted something with a little more poke. At the same time, his wife owned a 2000 Corolla Conquest and they also had spent a lot of time running around in his In-Law's 1999 Echo.

Azza has since sold the Sportivo and bought a 2008 Rav4 for family reasons, and he loves it.

On the forums Azza is often loitering around the Corolla section as well as the Audio helping where he can and offering some advice, and as alot of you are aware, a very long winded argument sometimes as well..... :toast::toast: He is keen to get out as much as he can on Brisbane's Thursday Night meet's and meet up with the older guys for a gossip as well as the newer guys for a chat....although this year he has been busy at work and hasn't been able to get out as much as I would like.(plus his wife has him running errands and cleangin the toilet!!) When interstate in Sydney he also likes to catch up with the guys he knows from TOCAU there as well. Being good mates with SILVABULLIT & Northy he is also found helping them out with both car & non-car related things away from the TOCAU environment. (Azza my cars are dirty LOL SB)

Although he never was able to get the car down the Quarter Mile or on the Track, he knew he had something special when I shot a 121.1kW ATW on the Dyno. Mechanically, it was a standard 2ZZ-GE with a CES 2.5" cat back & TRD Intake. Other mods on the Sportivo included Chrome 17's, lowered on King Lows, Eyelids, Whiteline Strut Brace, and Sportivo Grill. He also converted side 'Sportivo' badges and rear Toyota emblem to black Camry one's and removed other badge-work. His car also had the rear Carbon-Fibre look plate, Ming Titanium tint and an e-Toll, one of his favourite mods!!

Once again congratulations to Azza TOCAU Member of the Month!!

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