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Hey all ^^ its me again

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hey just hanging around here after away for a while coz decided not to sell my car when I leave Perth but take it with me to Sydney^^

I'll post some pics since the last time I visit here...

any comments welcome if there's something that can be improved or any ideas???




also there's some questions regarding bringing cars interstate if anyone can help me out on this one...

who should I contact for this? some of my friends recommend TNT and not to use truck coz it will definitely damaged the car in some way..

then when the car arrived in Sydney, is there some kind of compliance like going through the pits before you can drive it or when you need to renew your rego, what's the process like?

does the car have to be completely empty if I freight it over? coz some says it must be empty coz of the smuggling issues...

any feedback are greatly appreciated guys =)

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With the rego i would wait till it runs out , then change it over ... Don't know about the pits or not as never having done it myself , but knowing the RTA nothing would surprise me ...

Oh and the police are going to just love those red neon's ......

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try ceva car transports in Perth phone 0893513900 located in Welshpool North Perth. Here is some light reading matter from the rta regarding drivers license and registering your car,

i have had no dealings with them but from what i read they ship sports cars etc .

Transferring your licence

If you come to live in NSW from another Australian State or territory and have a current licence (or one that expired less than five years ago) that is equivalent of a NSW provisional or unrestricted licence, you will be eligible to be issued with a NSW licence. There is a free transfer system for current interstate provisional and unrestricted licences. You are required to get a NSW licence within three months of making this State your home. The NSW licence will be issued to the expiry date of the interstate or territory licence up to a maximum of five years.

When you apply for a NSW licence, documentary proof of the first issue date of your interstate licence from the relevant issuing authority must be shown if it is not displayed on your licence. Before you first attend the motor registry, you may wish to obtain a letter from the interstate licensing issuing authority (on their letterhead) confirming your licence details Get rego for a vehicle from interstate

If you have a vehicle that is currently registered interstate, or has expired interstate registration, you will need to register it in NSW.

You need to go to a motor registry, or send an authorised representative, to register the vehicle.

What you need to provide:

Proof of your identity, or, if you're registering the vehicle in the name of a company or organisation, proof that the company or organisation is a legal entity.

Proof of entitlement to register the vehicle.

Note: To be exempt Stamp Duty, the vehicle should be registered the same way as currently registered interstate. You must provide a current certificate of registration. If the certificate has been lost, an RTA motor registry can organise verification. (miniumum 48 hours required for verification)

Proof of your residential address in NSW.

A valid green slip with the number plate section blank (except for trailers).

A blue slip from an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS).

Evidence of repairs if the vehicle is a repairable write-off.

An engineer's certificate if the vehicle has been modified beyond the owner-certified level, or is an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV).

The interstate number plates.

A completed Application for Registration form, available from the Registration Forms link below.

Evidence of your eligibility for a pensioner or other concession if you intend to claim one.

A Representative's Authority if the vehicle is being registered in the name of an organisation, or if you send someone to register the vehicle for you.

For a company, the Director or an authorised delegate must complete and sign the Representative's section on the Application for Registration form, or provide a letter of authorisation on letterhead.

In the case of an incorporated association, the Public Officer must sign.

In all cases, the authorised representative must provide proof of their identity.

Payment for fees, taxes and charges.

All vehicles presented for registration (including interstate and imported vehicles) may need to be inspected by the RTA's Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU). There is an additional fee for this inspection. If your vehicle needs a VIIU inspection, you will be notified at the time of registration.

What you need to pay:

Registration fees.

Stamp duty.

Number plate fees.

Inspection fee (the blue slip).

Vehicle identification inspection fee.

CTP insurance premium (the green slip).

You can use our Rego Calculator to work out costs for your vehicle.

Owner-certified modifications

Owner-certified modifications are generally those modifications which were optional equipment to the vehicle concerned. Owner-certified modifications also include some non-standard modifications of a minor nature which do not affect the level of safety, strength, or reliability of vital systems such as brakes and steering. These modifications have little or no impact on the vehicle's level of compliance with the Australian Design Rules. The modified vehicle must be presented to an AUVIS or HVAIS, or in areas where AUVIS is not yet operating, a motor registry for an Adjustment of Records inspection. For more information, see Vehicle Standards.

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