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Celica 3s-gte convertion


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Right im a camry owner but a mate of mine brought his girlfriend a 89 celica sorry dont know the model number and what not, but id did have a 3s-ge in it which has since passed away it now has a 3s-gte in it out of an MR2 and a manual gearbox out of an SV21 cam. Its all in all plugged up and runs but not fine. The 4th cylinder isnt firing and it has spark, compression but 0 fuel which ive found to come to injector pulse. All the injectors were cleaned and checked as well as the fuel rail and they were all fine just to rule out anything simple. I have tested the plug and lume and it seems to be that the ECU is cactus on that 1 injector but the rest are fine it just sounds like a boxer when running. The question i have is since the motor is still ran of a dizzy can i tap the injector thats getting no power onto the next 1? I was told it may not work as the injectors could work in order with the firing time but i dont see how thats possible when its a dizzy car theres no way it could tell when it could fire (please correct me if im wrong) but will that tapping idea work for a signal or do the injectors run on there own times?


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Well, I dont see why the dizzy could not send its current position to the ECU, which then it can use to tell the correct injector to fire.. or why the ECU would not know the correct firing order and fire the injectors in that order.

I would say tapping off one of the other injectors would cause fuel to be injected at the wrong time and wouldn't solve your problem.

If the ECU is running everything else fine, make sure you check all the wiring from it to the injectors, check the actualy injector itself, and if you still have no joy i would say the ECU is shagged and you will need to find a new one.

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