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What you think on this price?

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Hi guys, just a quick opion.

Got quoted $620 2.5 inch cat back.

-all flanged so i can put the stock back on if i want to sell the car later,

-Muffler is a stainless steel muffler with proper dual tips coming out from the barrel (not just a tip added)

-Cat back is mild steel

-All mandrel bent

What you guys think price wise?

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Price is OK but not fantastic, where from?

Try Castle Hill Exhaust

4 Hoyle Ave

Castle Hill, NSW 2154

(02) 9680 2777

They did an excellent job on my old Tiida's exhaust. I ended up only getting mild steel press bent 2.25", from the headers back, and a regular sports muffler which was hidden behind the rear bumper like stock. Cost me about <$300 fitted from memory.

2.25" press bent is the perfect size for a 1.8 n/a engine, 2.5" mandrel is a little big.

Cost me about $40 labour to re-fit the stock exhaust at sale time with minimal wait and minimal fuss (bugger bolting up the stocker yourself)

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Liverpool exhaust, and its the zze123r (sportivo) and i previously posted a topic on pipe size and most people recommended getting 2.5inch for the stivos. Its more the fact that if its too loud for whatever reason and i get defected i can pop the stocker back on and get it cleared and then pop the aftermarket muffler back on again later.lol ;)

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