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Cargo Barrier


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I have just taken delivery of my New 2008 Kluger. I had the genuine Toyota cargo barrier fitted.

Very dissapointed with the design. Understand the need for the design to suit the side airbags but the space loss is huge.

Not sure how to remove it when we want the 3rd row of seats. Can anyone help? or have a view on the design?

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Sorry I cant really help.

We had a cargo barrier in our old car and it was a pain to remove. Had to undo 4 large bolts, though this was not in a Kluger so not sure how they are designed. I would be tempted to take it out all together if you dont really need it.

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I've also just purchased a Kluger with genuine cargo barrier fitted and noticed that it is also difficult to remove without damage (much more so than the one I had in my old Subaru Forester, which I could remove in 2 minutes). For some reason the lower anchorage bars have been riveted to the plastic panelling. To the dealer's credit they did leave the allen key in the glove box so I could undo the bolts. This still doesn't help with the rivets. I also can't use the cargo blind which is annoying. Is this the same with other people's installations?

Has anyone had a 3rd party Milford barrier fitted? I know the genuine version is made by Milford anyway so I wouldn't have thought they would be different, but the picture on the milford site (where the upper bars come from the middle of the cage) differs from the genuine version shown on the toyota site (upper bars come from top to bottom).

I've queried the dealer as to why the cargo barrier was installed in a manner that effectively made the 3rd row of seats redundant. Response has been come in and talk to the installer, which I shall do so shortly.

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Spoke with the installer, turns out the rivets are just there to align the bars. Not sure why they're needed as it seemed to line up alright anyway. Took the barrier out myself just to make sure. Lower bolts are a pain to undo with the allen key.

If anyone has an aftermarket Milford Barrier I'd be interested to see whether it was identical to the Toyota one.

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