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how much to install sound system??

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I am getting installed the following

Headrests with dvd Unit x2

Eclipse Dvd avn 6000

Earthquake Amp

Circle Earth Kit

Optima Battery

upgrading leads and terminals

Reverse Camera

Sound Meter

Apexi rsm

Ipod adaptor

plus Stinger Savt 12 av cable

for $600.

plus extra $150 for extra rear brake lights supplied and installed

Hope this gives you an idea on what to expect install price wise.

then for $300 getting all the doors, boot and rear parcel shelf Extreme Dynamat

supplied and installed.

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The guy can install complicated alarm systems yet asks how much to install a sound system?

I have been installing security systems as long as I have been installing. Alarms/Remote Starts are probably my favorite installation to do because it still gives me a challenge and a chance to be creative over the standard deck and two. I take great pride in these types of installs and it makes me very angry when I see an alarm that is T-Tapped, completely exposed, or just poorly installed.
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I guess you were right from the start Brad! I believe you now. I was about to say something after seeing that he linked the head unit in his new post. I didn't think about the alarm system post from before.

However, I wouldn't say he is a bot. I think it is an actual person making these posts.

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Justin own up :D :D

Are you a spambot <_< <_<:

Pics :D :D

Well now you know how much i paid :P

Serously NO!! I'm a infobot, haha, how much? i saw an ad once in craigslist, saying some guy is unemployed and will install audio systems for fairly cheap.. i was gonna offer $50 lol... you paid less than that?

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If this guy ain't human, then damn.... spambots really are stepping up a notch. When you compare it to Carcrazy, this bot is smart... er.

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