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My ae93 SX


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Hey all, just like to say gday and heres a few piccys of my new rolla. I picked her up a few days ago for 3K and so far im very happy with it. Ive always driven older V8 fords (still do :) ) but I find the power much more street useable in this car. Turns on a dime, great acceleration for the street ok so heres some details

Year: 1989

Model: SX Hatch

Motor: Unsure of the specs but its a 1.6 300,000k's doesnt blow smoke goes hard

Mods: Silly worn out pod filter in engine bay, Im off to the wrecking yards today to find a standard filter box and associated tubing. Will modify to CAI and throw in a K&N box filter. Extractors, custom exhaust (size unknown as yet) and a hurter magnaflow twin muffler. This exhaust is loud, personally not my cup of tea, a little too much "drone" but it does sound good at lower rev range and crackles and burbles nicely upon downshift/ letting off the gas. Some ROH mags, not really my liking but better than hubcaps. Some little foglights down low that are kaput. The loudest mod of all...... the stezza. Magnificent, older sony headunit with aux in jack for ipod, big pioneer sub in boot, pioneer 6x9's in the rear tray tweeters up front with some other little "doofy" things

Overall I think I got a good buy, it has some little things that need attention, the starter motor whines upon start up, some belt or pulley whines a touch and it needs a new front windscreen. I just put some new front tires on, definately better in the traction dept.

OK so my plans for this car, as its going to be my car (my missus has her camry) its gonna get a workout ha ha. First up is stright to toyota for a major service, new discs etc then once I have it running good, drive her for awhile to see what I really want. How do these motors hold up to a turbo?

My mates a panelbeater here in Perth, so at some stage will end up a deep maroon.

The body is in VERY good condition, a few dings here and there but really good original paintwork, no rust :)

Also I have the full logbook history, reciepts etc etc so thats an added bonus





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