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I want an early Rolla

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Hi people!

New to join to site, but have looked around in it before... quite alot!

I am fourteen, and going to start racing Junior Sedans, a speedway class in WA where you get to race 1200cc powered cars around the track, at speeds up to 100km/h.

I looked at my options, pretty much could choose a poxy Charade (its front wheel drive anyway), a Datsun Sunny or 120y or a Toyota Corolla (KE30 or KE55 chassis with 3k motor)... I chose to race the Corolla because not only its a Toyota, it has a 10hp power advantage over all the other RWD cars in the field.

So pretty much, I am after several KE30 or KE55 Corollas, preferring Manual but can consider auto, in any mechanical, body or interior condition... the mechanics all get stripped, there is no interior and the body is all replaced with fibreglass panels, so it really doesn't matter what sort of condition it is in. If anyone in Perth had some of these lying around, I would be glad to pay/take it off your hands... after all it would be going to a good home...

Daniel M

Oh yeah, come check out my Forum at www.sidewayz1.tk

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