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1998 Corolla Seca RV - Replacement Remote

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Hi All,

I have a 1998 Corolla Seca RV and need to get a replacement remote but am having some difficulties because of the situation.

The situation is that I can find remotes can get them from "Mister Mint" for $79.95 but programming is an issue for me.

The working remote I have does not make the security dash light appear on the dashboard. To program replacement remotes my understanding is that the following is to be done.

Leave passenger car door open

Open glove box, and connect key into key console on top right hand cnr and wait for security light to come on

the problem is the security light does not appear on the dash board. in fact i can't remember the last time I saw the security light appear on the dashboard.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there another way to get a replacement remote without having to install a new immobilizer system

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Are both the metal contacts still on the remote? these need to be there for the CIR module to read the remote.

When the contacts are broken I pull the remotes apart and put on some contacts that I have from old remotes. You can also order the remote from the dealer that comes precoded and will code into the car. Other option is going to an auto locksmith to get the CIR module reset, but replacing the contacts has always worked for me.

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Hi everyone.I am facing an issue regarding the programming of a duplicate remote for my 98 Corolla.Can anyone tell me the whole process.I have old immobilizer with me as well.

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