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landcruiser 200 series - overpriced


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How can toyota genuinely sell the landcruiser 200 series at such a price. Even the basic GXL(obviously more goodies now compared to a second hand 2008 model) has camera etc standard, but still, $90k driveaway?

You can pick up for $59k driveaway the latest patrol Y62 with a much more powerful v8 petrol. Yes no diesel but surely $30k of fuel will go a long way...

anyone know of a good price for the vx or sahara around? how to get a good deal?

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1) GXL is not the base-model. GX is the current base model (replacing the RV, which was the second-from-base previously), and the cheapest 200-series is the diesel GX @ $78,990

2) The Landcruiser has never been cheap - even a base Standard 100-series was $53k, and that was with 5 vinyl seats, non-turbo diesel and a hose-out interior

3) Base models (Standard/RV/GX etc) were generally bought by commerical buyers (mines, Telstra etc), the 75/85 series has been upgraded/modernised to fill this gap

4) For family buyers who still need to go off-road and carry a lot of gear, the Prado fills the gap.

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The GX is great, i would be happy paying the asking price but i need a 7 seater and hence, no option for this.

THe prado, are you joking? Love the prado but that diesel is no good for me. I need something that is modern and has a bit more power, even if they instroduced a 3.0v6 diesel.

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You didn't say you needed a diesel...

And besides, a 5 minute check of Redbook shows that the cheapest 2013 Y62 Patrol is $82k (and the Nissan website shows the 2014 model at $90k), so either the one you saw is being heavily discounted, is a second-hand/demo model, or you're thinking of the Y61 (which is a 16-year-old model still sold at a cheap price for tradies, farmers, off-roaders etc since the Y62 has gone upmarket)

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Go and register yourself on www.aulro.com and learn all about the Discovery 4. Once you get a feel for the common issues with the vehicle, the 200 Series may seem good value after all!

With a Discovery 4 and the older 6 speed automatic gearbox you'll have to deal with gearbox shuddering after a certain mileage, rear suspension bolts failing suddenly, very expensive maintenance and parts pricing compared to Toyota, suspension arm bushes wearing out very quickly, air suspension pump failures, random electronic faults, wheel sizes too big for serious offroading, electronic park brake failures, premature turbo oil seal failures, very soft brake rotors requiring frequent replacements, and the diesel V6 engine uses timing belts instead of chains.

Land Rovers position themselves as "technology innovators" but most of the innovations are electronic gadgets - and not enough quality is invested into the mechanical components to get the basics to be reliable. There is far too much electrical drain on the battery and so simple issues like a flat battery will leave you stranded at the worst possible time, and the plume of blue exhaust when accelerating hard is embarrassing and a fault which Land Rover still have not been able to fix since the release of the D4. The tow bar assembly is a poxy design after thought and a weight distribution hitch can't be used on it. The dash may look quality but there are little creaks and groans going over little undulations, compared to the Cruiser which feels as tight as a drum. The Discovery 4's fuel filter is in the most ridiculous location, making it all too easy to introduction contamination into the fuel system when replacing the filter. And the D4's GVM is even less than the 200 Series.

To be fair, the D4 has proper seating for 7 adults, unlike the Cruiser's kiddies only seating in the 3rd row. And you can get a rear diff lock as a factory fitted option. Fuel economy is better than the 200 Series in just about all conditions. And it's got many international awards, so it'll be great to own and use as a daily vehicle whilst it's under warranty.

The true cost of a Land Rover is not the purchase price but the ongoing maintenance and depreciation.

A 200 Series may not have the character of the Discovery 4 but at least it's got the basics right, for example - you can fit 17" wheels and fit a plethora of proper offroad tyres. The engine is understressed and the automatic gearbox is strong. The transmission has a decent oil cooler and the fuel capacity is decent. Toyota is the true innovator - the TDV8 motor was developed for Toyota's Land Cruiser range, and not an adapted old engine from a sedan model from another co-owned brand. Same goes for the gearbox - it's not a sedan sourced gearbox, but one that is designed from ground up for the 200 Series.

Toyotas are not cheap vehicles anymore, but at least they are quality products and reliable.

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GDay, I have just bought a GXL Landcruiser 2014 January build, and paid 80.5 K. Picked up the vehicle on Feb 26th 2014, I did not add any Toyota accessories.

Took a lot of shopping around and a lot of negoiations via 3 yards before I won that price. Did that over 4 months and it was worth the wait. Now half way through tricking it up to where my previous 4WD was.

Anyway I think the 80.5K I paid was money well spent. Shop around is my advice, I finished up purchasing from a regional dealership 105 k's from where I live and there are at least 9 closer Toyota dealerships.


Another NUBIE

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I've heard that a few times now that driving to a country dealership is a good way to get a bargain. I'm hoping to find a "bargain" before June 30. I believe there is a new 200 series Altitude coming out, so might see what that comes with.


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Nissan bashing aside, my mate has the Y62 Ti and has attempted to take it off road. Whilst it performed O.K it really seems better suited to be a blacktop Toorak tractor rather than a track basher. As a result, he want out an brought a kitted up GQ as his "real" 4x4. Also the Y62 is really hard to get aftermarket gear for and as far as I have been told the suspension system is hard to upgrade.

I'm surprised with the comment regarding the Prado diesel as in my experience with them, that little donk is a great performer. We used diesel Prado's and Hilux's in my old job and in stock form they were great on and off road, loaded and unloaded.

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