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gas conversion 100 series petrol


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Hi , most of my driving is highways or city driving and the prices of diesels is way too high. I am just thinking of buying a very tidy 100 series around a 2006 model petrol and converting to LPG/CNG.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

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Hi, why don't you enquire about a Diesel LPG conversion by Diesel Gas Australia? I've never used them, only heard about them and seen their products. It maybe cheaper to convert than to sell the current car and buy another one. Just an opinion, good luck.

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Much appreciate that and I will talk to them but I will still be keeping my PRADO and buy another second hand petrol run land cruiser and convert that into a LPG run vehicle.

Will post comments when I have more info.

Thanks once again.

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Hi there,

I just brought a petrol cruiser and am in the process of converting it to vapour injection LPG, for the extra cost the benifits of better enconomy and little to no loss in power between pertol and gas it seems a good option.

But can let you know.

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blue_cruiser / 8chappu9 / Anyone,

Any feedback on how your LPG conversion went on your vehicles?

Currently at the point of going through pros and cons of undergoing the same process but would like to hear from those who have taken on the conversion ...... either negative or positive outcomes.   


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