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1994 tarago engine swap


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422 people have looked at this thread with nothing to say??????????

Must mean that there aren't many options out there. In all seriousness, the old egg-vans aren't exactly popular to modify in Aus, and the mid-engine layout combined with the factory engine practically laying on its side means that there isn't much room to bolt anything in. There are supercharged variants in Japan, but that'd probably be it as far as performance mods are concerned.
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Got a link? At the very least I'd assume you'd have to cut/shut the whole front floor-pan, lift the front seats, as well as work out how to run the accessories (since on the 2TZ they run off an auxiliary shaft to the front of the nose).

By no means a bolt-in conversion, and even if it is possible it'll be ridiculously expensive (assuming it can even be registered with the work to the floor)

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accessories will run of new motor

alternater power steering etc..

get rid of most of the stuf under the bonnet..

cut out the seats as you said..

going to do it myself now...

the link I cant find but look up hoonivan in google....white tarago van used for drifting...

tofu drift van...

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From what I've read of the Hoonivan that's going a full mid-mount behind the seats (rather than the normal under-seat position) - that much effort and ANYTHING will fit, like the Transit van with a mid-mounted Jag TTV6 engine they had on the Top Gear Ashes special (which was actually a secret Jag test mule during the development of the XJ220)

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I have no seats in the back so just behind the seats is fine..

see how we go might cut the sump down etc make it wider...

looking for a dummy block to play with...

might make a wooden one same size so I can move it about....

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I think you need to work out exactly what you are trying to accomplish and go from there - seems like you're throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, which is always a recipe for disaster when it comes to modifying cars.

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like I said before 400 people looked at the thread with no help at all

so now I,m working out for myself what will fit....

And like I said, Taragos aren't popular amongst the modders. Not many people have experience or interest in them - they click on a new thread when it pops up, see that it doesn't interest them that much, and then move on. That, combined with the very vague intent you presented to begin with (we get a lot of "school holiday threads" on here - vague/wishful-thinking threads from people who usually have poorly researched, not bothered to think things through, or assume that "my mate can fix/install anything for $50/case-of-beer" or "I've got X engine sitting in my backyard, is there a bolt-in kit to fit it to Y car")

"What engine will fit?" is an incredibly vague question that needs further clarification. A Ferrari V12 will "fit" if you put your mind to it and modify the chassis enough. Budget, how much power/performance you want (bit extra power for a daily, track car, drags, burnout machine etc), skills, time, is it going to be road-registered/engineered etc are all things that need to be addressed and will narrow down the search significantly

Plus, search-engine daemons such as Yahoo and Google regularly visit threads to update their caches - these count as views but obviously not posts.

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I was hoping joining a forum might help..

can do it myself.

in England and japan etc there doing it...

thought someone might have done it as well

like you said anything can fit just do a mid mounted one...

got a mid mounted v8 in my Bedford...

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just wondered what sort of engine swaps are available..

not much room under there...


Mazda 20B turbo auto rx8 will do the job ha

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