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Change the locking button.


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Hi everyone,

I currently have a 2003 Camry Sportivo (V6) version, and my keys are this one huge thing with a single button, and another equally as big key. I've been browsing through eBay and I keep seeing these toyota keys with the 2 buttons.

If i was to buy one of those 2 button keys, would i be able to program it to work with my car even though my current key/button has one button.

btw. sorry if this has been asked before, i tried searching for this on the net and i don't really know the technical terms to find it :S

thank you! :)

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No you won't. Toyota really liked the idea of using a lot of different remotes that aren't interchangeable, they use different frequencies therefor aren't interchangeable. If you really want a smaller remote then your best option is to get an aftermarket remote wired into the receiver on your car.

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