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fuel filter / fuel pump??


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hey all

not sure where to begin, but my car starts fine, idles fine and when im on the open road its fine.. now the issue im having is say if im at the lights and i try and plant it or try to turn and plant it, the car runs out of power as if its running out of fuel but when i drive slowly its fine. any ideas? im gonna start looking at the fuel filter but would a bad fuel pump cause this? also what way is the fuel like supposed to come off the housing when taking the fuel pump out?


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I replaced my fuel pump & filter an under the back seat minimum 1 hour job my mechanic said but now the fuel pump makes a loud whirring noise the mechanic said I can relace it under warranty if I have the receipt but then the cost of labour not under parts warranty. So put up with the noise as you can hardly hear it when in the car but just another noise to hear, can't wait to get a Camry hybrid from the looks of it a far superior quiet car

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