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EL44 paseo problem

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Hey all

Got a question

Basically long story short

My clutch was starting to slip up hills, so invested in a xtreme hd organic clutch.

I also invested in some new drive shafts as they would have to be removed to do clutch anyway.

The drive shafts are protek brand.

Basically I took it somewhere to have it installed. Cost a lot in labour $700 bucks. And the parts where about almost $600.

Basically ever since got it back from them

Car has violent vibration at 100km or above can also feel lower speeds going up hills.

I took it back to them. They said to get wheels balanced another $40 later and good old tyre fitter nail in my tyre trick. Still same

Took it back again there saying need new tyres as the rear ones nearly on wear line.

I myself don't think it's tyre problem as It wasn't like this before took to them.

Any ideas what might be there just saying cos the vibration isn't in steering wheel hasn't got anything to do with work they did.

The vibration u can feel through seats and can see the car shutter on smooth roads.

I also noticed when first picked up from them

And stopped at lights it was idling low and rough.

They also replaced the main seal and distributor seal as they were leaking oil.

I just wondering If they may have damaged sensor or engine/gearbox mount or something when putting clutch in.

Any ideas looks like they don't wanna help.


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  • 3 months later...

So finally Sussed out problem the other week

The long driver side drive shaft was at fault

Causing really bad vibration at 100km. Or 70km underload big load up hill.

So much time and money wasted to figure out the problem. And still had to find the problem myself :/

I put the original driveshaft back in on driver side been smooth ever since.

They have sent me new one to put in but haven't put it in yet. I assuming will do the same thing. As I've been telling every mechanic it's prob because there's no rubber dampner on the protek one.

Doesn't need it they all say. Why are they put on the own ones.

Should payed the extra money to have my old ones reconned. Grr would've worked out cheaper in the end.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Finally put the replacement drive shaft in

Seems alright now.

I basically worked out spent an additional

$400 in trying to diagnose the issue.

And in the end no one diagnosed so had to do it myself.

And now I rang atap ( australian truck an auto parts) and said I can't make a claim for compensation as I have no proof the driveshaft was faulty. And asked them where the old one is? they put it in bin apparently. Wtf

So I can't make a claim for compensation on costs because they disposed of the evidence.

I would recommend people stay away from protex driveshafts for there Paseos and stay away from the company atap.

Dodgy as :/

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