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ESTIMA V6 blowing efi fuse problem


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Hi there

I am new to this forum so I hope somebody with an estima can help.

I drove down to the hand wash shop yesterday had it pressure washed with the guns they used then dried by machine drove out and it stopped blew the efi fuse.

Put a new one in away I went got to major intersection then kaboom again same fuse blown.My mechanic dried out all of the electronic clips under the front end of the car and it went perfectly.Checked all sparkys all dry engine bay dry as well took it for a drive in the arvo while going slow bang another efi fuse blown 15A put 20A in drove home.This morning started her up backed back then went forward stalled when clicking into D engine sort of struggled.but did not blow fuse this time started right up again.My mech and I have dried everything we think can be connected to this but???????????? can someone please help and sorry for the manuscript.

Cheers Mark

P.S engine is 1mz-fe 3.0lt mcr40

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