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Rav4 V6 brake pads

Buff Hamster

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I'm in need of chanign my Rav4 brake pads but when I check Bendix website for part number it comes up with 2 models. These 2 models are because of 2 different rotor sizes (275mm and 296mm).

Does anyone know what the standard rotor size is for a Rav4 V6? Links below are for both part numbers. I'm favouring the 275mm rotors as I don't remember my brakes being 2 pot.



Thanks in advance.

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Hey phandrew, I'm pretty sure it's the 296mm size brake rotors. Easiest way to tell is jack your car and remove a front tyre and measure rotor with your measuring tape. I just changed my rotors on our 2009 RAV4 CV. They were the 296mm rotors on the front wheels. Cheers! N.

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