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Sportivo Zr6 2010 headlights HID


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Yesterday, when I read my manual, I notice I have an option to change to my headlight with Discharge bulbs or Halogen bulbs.


But when I read around, I found that


GSV40R - ZR6: Halogen Projectors

GSV40R - Presara: HID Projectors (Factory Installed)

2012- Onwards:

GSV50R - ZR6 and Presara: HIDs.Projectors (Factory Installed)


And now, I get confuse, I want to ask can I change to HID without the kit? or I only need to get D4S discharge bulbs and replace my halogen?

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The manual is a "one size fits all". It simply means that if you have halogen bulbs, you need type "B" which is the H11, or if you have discharge bulbs, you require type "A" which is the D4S. You can't simply swap the two around.

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So I cant swap from halogen to HID without the kit unless I am Presara or Zr6 2012+ ?

If you have the Presara or ZR6 2012+, you don't have to swap anything because you already would have the D4S setup.

But for all purposes of this question, correct. You would need an aftermarket H11 HID kit for your halogen projectors.

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