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Toyota Prado 2004 - Electronic Issue


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Hi All, I'm a new member to your community and drive a Prado 2004. I have upgraded the shockers to ARB (2") and also installed couple of offroading components (compressor etc). Now getting to the problem that I've faced with the car and well at the moment the car has been at the workshop for the same with no success.

My problem started a couple on months back with the Refrigerator, so when i used to put the fridge on the AC started blowing out hot air. For this problem the workshop mentioned the ac liquid needs to be changed. After it was done then the problem started when the ac light kept blinking with hot air being pushed out. Well got this problem also fixed in the same manner. Then I took the car offroading where first the ac stopped blowing air (while it was on), did not pay too much attention to it and continued offroading. After couple of hours due to the ac still on it drained out the battery making the car come to a complete halt and it did not start even after jump starting it. Had to leave the car overnight at the dunes and the next day I came with a mechanic who got it started and we drove it out to his workshop.

Now getting to the issue the mechanic still has not been able to figure out the problem as he says he worked on fixing all the ac parts and they working fine. But still after driving for a while the ac poses the same issues of blowing no air out! ... He mentioned there is some problem with the electronics of the car as some wire is lose somewhere.

Has anyone come across this kind of problem or can suggest the best way forward ... Thank you

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