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[stock stivo] breif 30km powerloss

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weird thing happened tonight when i was out driving. was doing 80k/h in 6th when i noticed the issue. i dropped it back to 4th to speed up without lifting, and at 4000rpm it was gutless and rpm needle didnt move. heard an overly louder whooshing air noise from the motor. trying to get it up to 100kmh was horrid. pulled back off to 60kh and having same issues. 4th wouldnt do anything, went to 3rd and it built up speed but was very poor. got it up to 6000rpm in 3rd and hardly felt the lift at all

took it easy and pulled over and check some unplugged sensors and the like. check air filter was down and clear. engine idled well, just under 1k. sounded ok not under load, left her off for a little prolly not long enough to get computer to repick mix (dunno if rollas work like this tho (new car)). took off. seems 'OK' in low gears take off, but again at higher speeds in higher gears it just lost as soon as it needed to use decent torque.

drove to the coast just fine earlier that day, seemed ok coming out of the city earlier. been on the tank of 98ron for the past 200km without issue. oil was ok.

when i got to my destination, i parked for 10mins before heading home. i pushed it hard through 1-2-3 with lifters and it seemed to come back. noise was there for a bit, but by the time i got home (80km round trip) it seemed fine again.

talking to a master tech on the phone, he reconed it might have been the ECU getting the mix a bit screwed or the timings. after running through most the points above. not fuel. not oil pressure. no air leak. tho working through my hands on my word was a bit hard for him to work with.

think i'll give toyota a call tomorrow see wot they say. get a check up.

i'm in a STOCK unmodded rolla stivo 05 that has been prefect for the last 4500KM

so yer... anyone had this? ideas?

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your scaring me i have the exact color and year as you stivo but have only done 4k so far, but yeah havent had the issue just my clutch is notchy, take it back to toyota mate if its doing it all the time they can do an ecu diagnostic etc. remember to abuse that warranty to the max :lol:

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heh, well it came good on the way home, and it was good allday yesterday. infact too good, turned me to jelly how quick it takes off over 100. i will be giving toyota a call cause i dont want it happening at a bad time and putting me in danger. just been busy on me holidays atm :P

still love the car to death and wouldnt have bought anything else. and yer i'll be using the warranty . which i extended to 6years when i bought it.

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